Microsoft Tried To Acquire At Least One Mobile Games Publisher, Says CMA's Final Report

Microsoft reportedly tried to acquire at least one unnamed mobile games publisher, as noted in the CMA's final report.

XiNatsuDragnel419d ago

If they want mobile dev get a mobile dev idk why Activision? Probably COD power on the console market is too op idk.

TheColbertinator418d ago

Activision owns King (Candy Crush) and they also developed COD Mobile. Both are among the biggest targets of Microsoft's mobile presence.

IamTylerDurden1419d ago

They would buy everyone unchecked.

XBManiac418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Maybe one now in hands of Activision, EA, Tencent, Netease...

babadivad418d ago

Now Tencent is going to buy them.

esherwood418d ago

Lol probably. I don’t like monopolies but I’d rather an American company over china doing it


AMD working with law enforcement after reports of massive data breach

Initial investigations will weigh the significance of any data theft.
— hack may have uncovered future product details

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rlow11d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

China/Russia plain and simple. Chinese are producing their own chips and to catch up they do what they have always done……steal it. When you can’t innovate, stealing is your best friend.


Sony no longer cares about the PSVR 2, and neither should you

It's a sad, disappointing story that could have been so much better.

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M3talDiamond11h ago

Drop the price and a lot of people will care

blackblades10h ago

Can't drop price when you'll lose money. Also to note people keep talking about wanting them to do a vita 2. In reality it'll end up the same way as this and the vita. Then the same people would B* and say the same thing.

Cacabunga7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I will care when they allow backward compatibility.. i do not want 2 headsets for my PS4 library

JackBNimble2h ago

If sony wants psvr2 to be mainstream, then they drop the price. Obviously they won't do that and it will just end up dying like the vita.

StormSnooper9h ago

Not sure what this article is about because they just released a bunch of games for it…

Babadook75h ago

I’ll give you one word.


They’ve been at that since day one. They want it dead.

ChasterMies8h ago

Sony dropped the price for their summer sales event.

fr0sty5h ago

Nothing more annoying than articles that assume things, and articles that tell you what to think, and this one does both.

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ocelot0710h ago

I care as soon I can have one headset that works on both pc and ps5.

fr0sty5h ago

They have an adapter coming in August that enables just that.

ocelot074h ago

My comment should of been written like this.

I care, As soon I can have one headset that works on both pc and ps5.

Fishy Fingers9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Admirable for persisting but after PSVR is it any surprise?

Half baked PC release feels more like an effort to shift dead stock then anything else.

bunt-custardly9h ago

Not enough people buying the hardware. The strategy from the get-go should have been these hybrid releases and as mentioned in the article, some form of wizardry like Praydog's UEVR mod for older Playstation titles converted into VR with very little effort once the software is sorted.

Basically a lack of vision from the corporate side.

Babadook75h ago

Praydog may be wizardry but the experience isn’t there.

As a long time supporter of VR the experience of VR2 is pretty awesome.

bunt-custardly2h ago

I haven't tried PSVR 2 but on your other point, I am gonna have to disagree with you there strongly. As a PCVR user (RTX 4090 PC), playing games that weren't meant for VR even with a gamepad is way better than playing flatscreen. I guess it boils down to whether you're one of those people who believe "It's not VR without motion controllers" or not. I always remind people who take this stance of when the CV1 Oculus RIFT launched without those controllers vs HTC Vive. Regardless of the differences, CV1 players still had a great time in VR, as they did with the previous Oculus DK1 & 2. Being immersed in the game world, feeling the sense-of-scale does not require motion controllers as a prerequisite.


Ummm, they’re releasing at least 4 high profile games for the headset in 2024 alone:
1) Metro VR
2) Behemoth
3) Aliens
4) War Thunder

That’s more games than SOME platforms release in an entire gen…. So how can you say Sony doesn’t care about their latest headset?