NieR Automata Has Sold Over 7.5 Million Copies

Today Square Enix announced that the popular JRPG NieR: Automata has passed another sales milestone.

BandarHub151d ago

Well deserved and credit to Platinum games
Instead of Square wasting its time with Bayalon Fall they would have invested all that money into expanding the Nier franchise.

TheColbertinator151d ago

Great sales for an IP that was almost gone forever

phoenixwing151d ago

Add another. I just bought the console version for playstation

HyperMoused150d ago

Is this game any good, what would you compare it too, when i see android with a short skirt i imagine a bunch of 9 year old strying to look up the characters skirt, and after seeing what the current edition contains the "revealing outfit", i am assuming i am correct.

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Pyrofire95150d ago

High Response action game kind of similar to Bayonetta in that way. But like the previous Nier game, it toys with gameplay genre on occasion, I wont explain further. The whole game has the aim to make you FEEL things with satisfying combat and movement to back it up. Much of the story is rooted in philosophical questions including some hard to forget side quests.

HyperMoused149d ago

That doesnt sound too bad, thank you for a proper response instead of just insults

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Snookies1225d ago

Oh... Nikke... Honestly thought we were getting some Nike Nier shoes lol.


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