Dead Island 2 PS5 Graphics Analysis – A Technically Competent Release

GB: "Following a thorough round of testing on PS5, we have put together a detailed analysis of Dead Island 2's technical makeup."

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kingnick161d ago

Surprised this turned out so well on all platforms given the developer changes over the years.

VanHalen161d ago

Fan of the first, remember getting an early copy back on the PS3 from my local video game store. Still have ps4 remastered version, which I need to go back to.

New one should be showing up today. Have heard pretty good things about it.

MeatyUrologist161d ago

Game is an absolute blast. As a big fan of the first and zombie games in general, they nailed nearly every aspect of it. Can't recommend it enough if you liked the first ones.

VanHalen161d ago

Oh nice! Looking forward to it now.

mastershredder161d ago

This release is phenomenal. Co-op and all. Makes up for what Dying Light 2 could have been.

MeatyUrologist161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Totally agree. This one is so far over my expectations it makes up for DL2 being so far below expectations. Let's hope dying light 3 takes some cues from this! Imagine this level of combat and fun factor with the open world and parkour of Dying Light...

MeatyUrologist161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Haven't had a chance to see the video yet, but I hope they touched on the physics. Overall I am insanely impressed how this turned out. The visuals are pretty phenomenal as well, but the physics are possibly the best I have seen in a game next to red faction guerilla back in the day.

The first time I saw a zombie chasing me and run through a pool of acid and saw first their clothes, then skin, then muscle dissolve only to have them stumble and fall at my feet as a bloody skeleton I knew this game was something special. The soft body physics and interactions are seriously the best I have seen in many years of gaming, and the gore system alone deserves some kind of award (no idea what award, but hell invent a new award and give it to them). They did such a great job it even makes the weapons i thought i would hate a blast to use (seriously get yourself a bo-staff). Bravo dambuster!

CBaoth161d ago

good to hear amigo. Thought DL2 was awful too. I'll grab this payday. God I miss the sandbox physics of Red Faction. +1 for the reference

VanHalen161d ago

Wow, now I’m really looking forward to playing this! Sounds awesome!


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