Unrecord - Official Early Gameplay Trailer

Unrecord is a single-player FPS that tells the story of a tactical police officer from the perspective of his body camera.

Flakegriffin226d ago

Looks incredible. I hope this is actual gameplay.

Noskypeno226d ago

I remember a game trailer from about 10 years ago that was very similar, and after a few delays it turned out to have average graphics, and not the photorealistic graphics it advertised. Can't remember the name of it tho, just remember it being in a similar abandoned warehouse like this.

tbagmonster226d ago

is this even gameplay or is it preplayed type of gameplay and only shootouts are real, or is this just another game where they show us amazing graphics and no release

Flakegriffin225d ago


I’m pretty sure this is just a tech demo showing off UE5 and not an actual game coming out. I may be wrong.

AuraAbjure226d ago

It looks like real life at the beginning when he's outside. I think the officer might have his hands full if he went to downtown Chicago right now.


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DarXyde134d ago

Isn't Hell Blade II running in UE5? Bit of a weird omission.

How did I not know Silent Hill is running on UE5?


Unrecord Feels Real. Terrifyingly Real.

Unrecord is more realistic than any game we've ever seen, as far as visuals go. If the content isn't handled well, it won't be worth it.


The Photorealistic FPS Unrecord Could Be Coming To Consoles, Hints Team

The hyper-realistic FPS Unrecord could also be planned for consoles, as devs from the FAQ section on the official Discord server have stated.

XiNatsuDragnel224d ago

Yes yes please that'll be amazing

Profchaos223d ago

I think that would be to much for me re8 already had me jumping like a little girl imagine that level of realism

SullysCigar222d ago

Haha, IKR? But honestly, I don't always think it's down to realism. Some games in VR (I'm thinking of Dreadhalls on PSVR1!) look like crap, but the sound design and atmosphere is there in spades and it hits just as hard!

ApocalypseShadow223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Ditto for me. Put that eye tracking and foveated rendering to work.

mandf223d ago

I want everything in vr now.

fr0sty223d ago

I'll never play Gran Turismo, Wipeout, or any boxing game any other way now.

SullysCigar222d ago

Even flat shooters are starting to pale by comparison to VR now. The gunplay in RE8 is way better than expected, Pavlov is great for gun nuts and Sierra Squad is right around the corner for balls-out, COD campaign-style fun.

PrinceOfAnger223d ago

If the game indeed like this then there is no other game right now that looks better!

MADGameR223d ago

Yes. I imagine the PS5 version will have the BIGGEST advantage.

fr0sty223d ago

it'll still have to make some compromises most likely. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised that the level of realism seen in the trailers will hold up on consoles, but I have my doubts.

goldwyncq223d ago

PS5 Pro maybe. This looks like it would light PCs on fire.

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