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A monetized nightmare that feels less like Doom and more like Candy Crush Saga with Hell Priests.

MadLad159d ago

Ah yes.
Because when I think top down shooters, I think Candy Crush.
The game is nothing mind blowing, but it's pretty high quality for your typical phone game, and they don't shove Microtransactions and ads down your throat just to play.

Kaii159d ago

99.99% of mobile games aren't games, but monetized slot machines where they throw you £10-20 free (F2P value) and prey on your addictive nature (If you've got any).


Mighty DOOM Review | Hardcore iOS

The DOOM series has been around for close to 30 years. Since 1993, we have seen countless reiterations and revivals. Fast-paced gameplay, recognizable design, and a paper-thin plot all contribute to what gives DOOM that special flare. However, through the years, the underlying gameplay remained mostly the same. The series is the poster boy for violent, gory first-person shooters and has rarely departed from that mantra. Enter Mighty DOOM—Bethesda’s bizarre offshoot that takes everything great about the franchise and turns it into a top-down, roguelike shooter for iOS. Mighty DOOM brings a very new perspective to a very old idea and absolutely knocks it out of the park, with a few caveats.

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mastershredder72d ago

Yeah, its always the iOS sites that fluff utter toilet water titles.

You guys gotta knock it off with the quid pro quo “reviews”.

cammers199572d ago

Its garbage. It's the same retread of a ton of other mobile games out right now like Tomb Raider Reloaded. Where's the originality?


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Mighty DOOM Review - Hardcore Droid

Mighty DOOM feels, plays, looks and sounds like Doom. This game feels like it was created with passion and love for the series.

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