Death Stranding 2 behind-the-scenes photos shared as recordings continue

Get a look behind the scenes of Death Stranding 2, with actors Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna.

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DeusFever170d ago

I will die on the hill that “Death Stranding” was the best game of 2019.

Nyxus170d ago

It was also my favorite game of 2019. But I can see why it isn't for everyone.


Hideo Kojima teases Death Stranding 2 will change the meaning of "strand"

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Kojima to rethink the meaning of "strand".

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ClayRules201259d ago

I’m excited for this intriguing sequel, which I have no doubt will tick me off just like the original game (my fault for a lack of patience for hours) but once I started to stop, think, rethink my options and stop playing this game like any other game, things when much smoother. So, hopefully I remember that lesson learned when I boot up this sequel…hopefully haha.

Armyofdarkness59d ago

Hey, whatever. I’m in!! Loved Death Stranding!

Aloymetal59d ago

Can't wait for this sequel. Decima engine is awesome.

Kurt Russell59d ago

I suprised myself with just how much I enjoyed the original (didn't play until recently). Looking forward to this.

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Death Stranding 2: Can Hideo Kojima's Sequel Surpass the Original?

Given players’ frustrations with the first game, could Death Stranding 2 deliver on fans’ requests and expectations?

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Hideo Kojima Reveals He Hand-Picked DS2’s Cast As ‘Special Partners With Whom I Can Fight Together’

Hideo Kojima has revealed on Twitter that he selected the cast for Death Stranding 2 himself rather than employing the use of casting agencies.

While the Metal Gear creator does go to agencies to draft contacts, the actual talent is chosen by himself, describing the process as selecting “special partners with whom I can fight together.” In addition, he also revealed that the Japanese cast has yet be decided.

mastershredder121d ago

Lol. hand picks people that don’t know any better.

uh… his avenues for casting have always been “hand picked” and not typical (at all) casting.

sadraiden120d ago

Pretty sure if your agent tells you that Kojima called and wants you for his game, you say yes.

anast121d ago

I'll day 1 this game when it releases.

anast121d ago

I'm going to replay the first one when I have time. I got addicted to build roads in my first play through, I'm not sure what I'll do on the next.

Aloymetal121d ago

Count me in as well, can't wait to see what Kojima does once again with the Decima Engine.

potatoseal121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

100% me aswell. In the first I ended up doing everything possible in the end game. Did all the deliveries on hardest mode. I just loved it. When I was doing all the deliveries in the end game, I was listening to podcasts as well lol. So I put in close to 200 hours in the first game haha