The Future of Bayonetta is Looking Bleak

Bayonetta 3 is a solid action game. Packed with lots of spectacle, flair and diverse combat, the 3D hack-and-slash proved to be deserving of the Best Action Game award of 2022. Unfortunately, that award doesn't soften the blow of the controversy and fan-splitting decisions surrounding the game. Paired with the directors' handling of these situations, the future of the franchise looks grim

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Sciurus_vulgaris162d ago

The Bayonetta 3 like all other Bayonetta games doesn’t have remarkable sales numbers. Also, as I fan of the Bayonetta series, I don’t think Bayonnetta 3 deserved its 86 % metacritic rating. The graphics are at times terrible and the story is beyond confusing. and the game is full of gimmicks that aren’t particularly fun.

Many of the new demons are awkward to use. Jeanne’s missions are pretty subpar. And playing as Viola is simply less fun than playing as the series main protagonist.

FallenAngel1984162d ago

While the Bayonetta series’ narrative wasn’t always the strongest, it was enough to get fans invested in its characters.

Bayonetta 3 on the other hand retroactively made its past entries worse by implying they’re not linear stories but that Bayo 1 & Bayo 2 are each alt universes, having a tacky ending by killing major characters, and jeopardize the future by saying the new mainline titles will star a completely divisive character that failed to be built up in her own debut game.

Past, present, and future got hindered by one game. I can’t imagine waiting another 8 years for another divisive title.

lucian229162d ago

good, stop with the series and the characters. She's so annoying; all the characters are annoying. combat can only do so much.

Prubar162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I hope they never stop making em. Great character action games are few and far between. We only get a DMC every 5 to 6 years and Ninja Gaiden is MIA.


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