CGN - 5 Games to look forward too this year

From CGN...

"Everyone else is posting up a Top 5 09 games list, so why shouldn't we? It's not easy only picking out five games to look forward too into the year, especially considering what else could be announced sooner or later in the year.

The games in this list are games that are confirmed for 2009. There are some games that look very good and would make the list, but those games are likely going to come out in 2010."

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Muppetmeat5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

Who's the brain child that wrote this article? This sentence basically states that 5 games exist which have the gift of sight and these games are using their newfound sense to look forward.

You mean 'to' not 'too'. How come any 13 yr old idiot with blog space can type in a few poorly structured sentences and then come over here and post their own 'news'??? Isn't there SOME level of control here? Some minimum standard of 'journalism'??

This steaming pile of bovine fecal matter just brings the stupid fanboy crap from the comments section into the news section.

Durffen5258d ago

Who said it was news? Who said anyone even posts news on this site anymore? Who actually comes to this site for news?

The only thing I see on this site is, "Why this console should do this, Why this console is going to fail, why this console is going to succeed"

The only reason why people come to this site is to get hits for the site they write for.

Also, how can you base an article off of one spelling mistake? You act like other big name sites like IGN or Ripten or anywhere else has never made a spelling error before.

If you don't like this article, then why do you even come to the site? When N4G is clearly filled with nothing but articles very similar to the one you are trashing.