Redfall Will Feature Denuvo DRM

It looks like players might have to deal with the Denuvo DRM when going through the upcoming Redfall video game.

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-Mika-234d ago

MS and Bethesda operate independently for the most part. Now, the Denuvo situation is definitely coming from
Bethesda since none of MS's first party PC titles never used it. Just like they canceled the PS5 version, MS should also tell Bethesda to not use any DRM on their future games.

just_looken233d ago

Your getting disagrees probably from games under ms using anti cheat based drm.

I agree 100% denuvo has to go it always has a online 24/7 connection requirement and tanks performance.

Vx_233d ago

I don’t understand why they need DRM for an always online game???

just_looken233d ago

Its always online because of the drm remove denuvo that would go away.

Unless it is a online coop/mp game only then yeah no need for drm except anti cheat.

S2Killinit233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Lol that was a SAD attempt to deflect blame.

Also, a masterstroke of bundling future good deed of ending DRM with MS blocking others from playing multiplatform games. Kudos. You should be in charge of propaganda for a totalitarian regime somewhere.

neutralgamer1992233d ago

This game can't get out of its own way with with questionable PR

porkChop233d ago

I understand that Bethesda operates independently but it's still bullshit. Denuvo is garbage and has been proven to impact performance.

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SullysCigar233d ago

Add it to the checklist of disappointments for Redfall these past couple of weeks:

Always online? Check
No Unreal Engine 5 support? Check
DRM? Check

darkrider233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Better not go to the ign news about gameplay of this game on a high end pc...

mandf233d ago

Why what's up with ign? Just curious

Jin_Sakai233d ago

The latest IGN gameplay was horrendous. Not only could the person not play but the game looks mediocre this time around.

darkrider233d ago

Graphics, animation, AI, bosses that cant turnaround, doesn't see you but you are in front of him...

thesoftware730233d ago

I saw the gameplay and it looked great, what was horrendous about it besides the awful player, who just kept running around?

The game looks super fun.

staticall233d ago

Aside from the modern journalist behind the gamepad (yikes), boss AI just sucks. It's acting very dumb: lightly jogs at you, then punch a few times and after that just rests for a few seconds. Teleported near you? Oof, got to catch his breath again. Look at the fight inside the house, it's a mess, boss doesn't know what to do and he's getting stuck often (they even had to do a cut there).
Boss animations are also looking half-baked, not smooth at all.
He's a bullet sponge as well. But it's looter-shooter, so that's a given, i guess.

Not saying it's not fun or something. But it's not a good showing.
Remember Prey? It had smart regular enemies. This is a boss, it's supposed to be one of the highlights of the game. Not... this.

TheKingKratos233d ago

Where is the usual suspects to defend it lol 😂😂😂

Lightning77233d ago

This is the same IGN that almost gave Cup head a low score because he couldn't get past the tutorial.

IGN is notorious for terrible gameplay from these ppl. Running around aimlessly using powers and when he wasn't suppose to running into to rooms for no reason not healing team mates. Frantically moving around in janky way that makes the game look bad. Like they never picked a controller in their lives. Regardless it did hurt game significantly from a presentational standpoint.

It won't do any long term damage the game will end up fine if we're going by the previews.

233d ago
Sonic1881233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I have to agree with you there. It does look mediocre but to Xbox fans it looks like a masterpiece

-Foxtrot232d ago

God the way he let his team mates die, tried to open lock doors in the middle of a fight, kept the battle inside a small house and then stole the final kill in the end.

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XxINFERNUSxX233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

You forgot one more check, well hopefully.
EMPRESS? ✔️ Check (maybe) If she can do something about always online. Remember Crash Bandicoot 4 was always online yet, that was not a problem.

Lightning77233d ago

The DRM stuff is trash but not being UE5 won't make or break the game.

SullysCigar233d ago

It's just disappointing when we all thought it was in UE5 for the past year or more, to suddenly have it clarified so late in the day that it won't be. UE5 gave us all hope that it was going to feel fresh. Everyone gave Redfall the benefit of the doubt with the early showings, but now we know this is it. There's no additional polish coming and we're definitely not looking at an old build.

It was hyped far and wide back then as one of the first games in development for UE5, so it kinda sucks.

232d ago
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Hofstaderman233d ago

Just keep on checking the no boxes for any serious gamer.

XxINFERNUSxX233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Let's see if EMPRESS has anything to say about that. Redfall might be her next target if she can fix that always online 🙃 How's that Denuvo shit working out for you in Hogwart's Legacy after EMPRESS had her hands on it lol.

Nismo458233d ago

Empress didn't remove Denuvo. Denuvo is bypassed and is still running in the background, you know nothing looool!!!