There Is Nothing Else Like Kingdom Hearts

When you think of the series as a whole, you probably think of the convoluted plot. It’s a deserved reputation, as the sheer amount of time travel and half-Xehanorts is enough to confuse even the most confident minds. Each game in the series includes important characters, plot details, and complex lore, all of which you’ll need to take a mental note of for events that occur in later games. Unlike other long-running franchises like Final Fantasy and Assassin’s Creed, you can’t just play the numbered entries and understand what’s going on - each game is important to the whole story.

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lucian229168d ago

KH really went downhill on the nintendo games and the third games.

KH1,2 and Birth by sleep are the only good games. 3 was just atrocious on how bad the story was, on how easy the combat was, the lack of humanoid enemies/bosses (till the dlc), the way everything was just a super attack. It felt more like dynasty warriors than the first 2 games.

Such a shame because i loved the series so much. Also the third game made a big mistake being like the first in the regard it that you go to a world to see a botched version of the disney movie......kh2 did it way better where it was an original story with those characters instead.

Inverno168d ago

I agree with most of what you said, but disagree with BBS being one of the only good games in the series. What little coherency the series had it lost after KH2, starting with Birth By Sleep.

RedDevils168d ago

It went downhill after kh2 final mix.

FinalFantasyFanatic168d ago

I more or less agree, the series really went off a cliff after KH2 and KH3 soured me on the series so much with it's boredom, combat mechanics (easyness) and plot. The plot points you expected to see on screen just didn't happen despite the hype (not seeing Kairi fight after her "training arc" in the final world/battle).

I have the KH collections on PS4, but after KH3, I'm just tapped out of the series and probably won't buy any more games.

lucian229168d ago

Yeah especially with all those damn xehanorts....that was so annoying

redrum06167d ago

I’ve never enjoyed these games, and actually don’t understand why they deserve all the hype

FinalFantasyFanatic167d ago

It started off well enough with Disney and Final Fantasy character collaborating in one universe, but then the story got more convoluted and they spread multiple game entries across multiple platforms. I think this should have been a case where less is more, the more they try to expand it, the worse it seems to get.

redrum06167d ago

Yeah I feel like the big thing about the series, at least in my childhood, was the fact that there were Disney characters included. My girlfriend played this when she was younger, so I bought this for the PS4 out of sentiment and we tried to replay this, only to be bored after an hour already.

FinalFantasyFanatic166d ago

Maybe I should try and replay KH1 and KH2, I think I can probably still enjoy them, but I remember really loving KH2 when it first came out. KH3 just bored me to tears and was a real slog to get through, a action RPG made by Square-Enix with Disney characters was quite the pedigree at the time.


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Christopher79d ago

While I love someone mentioning Planescape, not really multiverse. Planes and dimensions, yes. But, they are typically their own locations and are very rarely tied to another 'verse' let alone another plane. The only things that are directly tied are the ethereal and material planes. Otherwise, they are dimensions created of their own design and goals by the creator/owner and not comprised of 'their own version of another dimension'.


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83d ago

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-Foxtrot88d ago

Oh so it’s our fault?

No…it’s a convoluted mess because Nomura doesn’t know what he’s doing for the story

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

That, and over the years it's various entries were scattered over multiple systems and were ALL important to the story instead of being side games. It's only in recent years that we've been able to play all the games on our system of choice, still, it's a lot of content to comb over.

-Foxtrot86d ago

Not to mention he could have started fresh with KH4 but apparently it’s basing its events off that online game released in Japan


Even in KH3 when you in the grave yard and that young boy saves you…he’s apparently from that game but who the f*** out of a handful of people are going to know that. They made out like it was a big reveal when it just made most confused.

Inverno87d ago

No it doesn't, and I've been paying attention. The story is plagued with continuity errors, and inconsistencies. All the spin-offs add more to the story rather than simply being self contained explanations of events that when you really think about it never needed to be told. I can make sense of the story but only by cutting more than half of it out. That's just plain old bad writing.

enkiduxiv87d ago

Even if that is true…which I highly doubt… it’s still horrific story telling. A good story teller doesn’t burden the audience with understanding a needlessly complex plot. This is a series that literally defines itself by throwing a ton of characters together that have no business ever existing in the same universe with one another and then justifying it with a mess of convoluted dialogue.

The only game in the series that succeeded at story telling was the first one because it kept the overarching story fairly simple and focused on developing its central character.

By the time you get to the second one, you have a variety of hooded anime figures dumping exposition to justify their edition to the plot. It only gets worse from there.