Monster Energy Goes After Indie Dev For Using The Word 'Monster'

This isn't the first time the beverage brand is going after a dev for using the word.

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SullysCigar238d ago

Another brand I won't purchase due to shady practices.

leaws238d ago

Well, same for me. And it was my fave energy drink but this is just stupid af.. Cant support stupidness.

bradfh238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I recommend Zoa, an energy drink that I get at Costco, if you're looking for a new option.

Army_of_Darkness237d ago

Very petty for monster Energy to do this.... So the next time I drink one of their ridiculously delicious flavours, I will definitely drink it with mild disappointment!

roadkillers238d ago

Wasn’t it shady when they released the drink knowing how extremely bad it is for people. It’s like now becoming mad at cigarette companies.

SullysCigar238d ago

That too, @roadkillers, and their symbology is questionable as well, but that's another story. I just don't like when companies behave like this. It's pissy.

RedDevils237d ago

All energy drinks are bad, regardless.

roadkillers237d ago

^ No kidding, but even drinks like Gatorade that played it off as “you need to drink, athletes sweat this”. Gatorade launched a protein bar, that is some of the worst food for you. I wish there was a health precedence on these items..

GoodGuy09238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Lol. Im still confused how brands can even use such common words/names and make it into their own brand. That obviously means things like this will happen.

SullysCigar238d ago

Same. I don't expect they can make it stick and I actually wonder if the whole thing is just some dumb publicity stunt. It might be that it works out cheaper to go the court route (and fail) than to buy all those column inches and all that air time for your product.

If that's the case I just hate them even more for gaming the system and taking consumers for mugs.

dumahim238d ago

It probably wouldn't in the long run, but Monster can drag it out and outspend an indie gaming dev.

Majors238d ago

Apple has left the chat Lol

DeusFever237d ago

This is how trademarks work. If consumers associate “Monster” with Monster Energy Drinks, then Monster has a protectable trademark. Monster has its name on a series of terrible motocross games, so it is in the game space.

Knightofelemia238d ago

You know when you mention the word monster I picture a creature that scares people not an energy drink. There is nothing wrong with the word monster unless you are implying the energy drink then I can see why it would piss them off.

MadLad238d ago

I can't stand these giant freaking companies that threaten lawsuits over nothings.
Oh yes. People will totally mistake this random horror game with your freaking energy drink, you dips.

I thought Bethesda going after Mojang over using the word "scrolls" was overstepping and dumb. This is legitimate idiocy.

SDuck238d ago

They're also not allowing them to use a logo with green and white colours? Like wtf? I literally just drink Monsters with blue and orange logos (mango flavour) so why the F should they be worried about logo colours? You Americans give too much freedom for cases like this to be a thing!

PhillyDillyDee237d ago

Yeah freedom is overrated. And since we invented freedom, we take full responsibility. Our bad yo.

Please continue to support our darling companies though for they know not what they do. They’re feral with freedom.

SDuck236d ago

ah ignorance, you're sweet sweet trademark. Keep being you, uneducated internet stranger!

PhillyDillyDee236d ago

An insult based entirely on a presumption? Sounds like slander to me. You’ll be hearing from one of my many lawyers about this!