The Last of Us Part I PC running well with the RTX 4090 at Max Settings Native 4K 60 FPS

CG writes: Some might have you believe the Iron Galaxy’s PC port of Naughty Dog’s aged The Last of Us Part I just doesn’t run well at all, high-end or low-end PC. Well, we would beg to differ as we showcase the game running max settings in native 4K, maintaining a steady 60fps throughout where it matters. We didn’t encounter any glitches either, but those could be reserved for later in the game past the 1 hour 20 minutes mark the video plays to. That said, we are using an RTX 4090 with an i5 13600K CPU running the game from an SSD. Shaders also totally compiled. No DLSS either to mask things, but we are recording using shadowplay at 130K bitrate (which inevitably sucks some performance). Aside from keeping the depth-of-field, we did remove CA, and the film grain to provide a relatively clean look.

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z2g174d ago

According to metacritic and twitter, last of us isn’t running well on any pc hardware. The images have been hilarious tho.

thecodingart174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Nah, it’s mostly not running well on mid and AMD hardware. I’d go as far to say that PC gamers who haven’t unkept their rigs in 5-10 years or saved money with cheaper AMD configurations are the ones complaining.

It’s more common for the equivalent argument of “why doesn’t this run well on my base ps4 model” to bubble up on PC.

ocelot07174d ago

Runs well on my AMD Apu in my ps5 :)

MadLad174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

My friend can run (the better looking) Resident Evil 4 remake cranked up, 1440p/60fps with no dips. He has a 2060ti and solid i7.
Last of Us? Fluctuating between 30-50fps, and dips into the 20s at times. Keep all of the glitches aside, I watched him actually turn down settings and watched the game run worse than on higher settings.

This is the definition of not even trying to optimize the game at all. It's like they dumped the code, checked to see if it booted up, and then called it a day.

I could probably power through it too, being I have a 3080 and a higher end i9, but that shouldn't be needed here.

Congratulations to them though. They are now standing shoulder to shoulder with the other absolute worst PC ports of all time. Arkham Knight, GTA4, Dark Souls, Saints Row 2, and now Last of Us.

--Onilink--173d ago

Mmm its actually struggling a lot more on Nvidia cards due to the horrible memory management the game has, so anything with 8gbs is really struggling. Not sure where you are getting that AMD cards are struggling more

That said, the vast majority of cards are struggling. Even a 4090 with a 13900k has less performance than what you would expect, has some worse shadow quality than ps5 for some reason and, can get close to 14gb VRAM utilization for some reason and has some really high CPU utilization when practically nothing is happening

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StarkR3ality174d ago

Yeah the people making the excuses either don't have a PC and are lying or are genuinely that big a fanboy they can't ever criticise Sony.

The reason why this port sucks is because ND didn't have a hand in it, they gave it to the company that was responsible for the PC port of Arkham Knight.

Great choice Sony, great choice.

repsahj174d ago

Here's the hard part about the PC port, you need a version of the game that works well with all PC builds, configurations, combinations of components, and brands. Not like the console version which has the same design.

MadLad174d ago

The vast majority of other releases don't seem to have much of a problem making that happen.

thecodingart174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

The last few months have been nothing but complaints on stutter, VRAM or SSD usage across various builds in the PC world. Dead Space, Returnal, Hogwarts, and TLoU we’re all criticized for pretty much the same things on different rigs and at different levels…

Hell, ANYTHING running on the unreal engine has been taking heat for shader stuff.

Crows90173d ago

Hard? It's only been done since the beginning of gaming on PC....quite a long time now.

174d ago
wesnytsfs174d ago

Its running great on my 5900x , 4090.. Was expecting it to be bad but it has been running silky smooth for me.

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