13 Year-Old Sprout Gets 100% on The Devil Went Down To Georgia

A 13 year old boy named Danny gets every single blasted note in The Devil Went Down To Georgia in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. TDWDtG is GHIII's hardest song by far. Unbelievable.

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ThatCanadianGuy4201d ago

A 3087 note streak? That kid truly is the god of rock.

For video games anyways :P

0verdrive4201d ago

lol did anyone see the guitar hero episode of southpark? this vid really made me think of the ending... lol

but seriously, that was incredibly impressive. he should be able to please the ladies in a few years lol.

Information Minister4201d ago

Damn right! In a few years time, he'll know how to push all the right buttons for the ladies.

LOL!!! Get it? The "right buttons"... Hhhaaaa forget about it!

Sarcasm4201d ago


He's going to disappoint a lot of girls when he starts looking for colored buttons down there.

Sarcasm4201d ago

Just watched the video. I cant even process some of those notes.

That kid should be a drag racer or something. With that kind of reaction time, he'd get a .500 reaction time every single time.

Tempist4200d ago

Get this kid 400 CCs of real friends and 25 liters of real life STAT!

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Tweewheei4201d ago

I dont know how, and i dont care that was insane. really can u say rape 3 times or were u to busy watchn this kid rape.

NaiNaiNai4201d ago

its a wow.
but i could really care less. seen kids same age do better on real guitar.

-GametimeUK-4200d ago

its impossible to do better on a real guitar since it is very different from guitar hero... what score did the kid get on his "real" guitar?


mfwahwah4200d ago


So if a 13 year old could play 100% of a Vai or Satriani song, you would be just as impressed as with this kid getting 100% on some GHIII song?

Sorry to say this, but playing a video game doesn't take jack sh*t compared to playing the real guitar.

Learn what talent means.

Forbidden_Darkness4201d ago

i wanna see him play the song backwards... with his eyes closed!

Sarcasm4201d ago

He was...

(lol j/k, that'd be crazy though)

ShinFuYux4201d ago

This time, do the darnest things.

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The story is too old to be commented.