ChatGPT Has Been Incorporated Into a Yandere Game Where You Have To Persuade the AI to Let You Leave

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator: With You Til The End is a ChatGPT yandere simulation game. where you attempt to escape a house.

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Number1TailzFan64d ago

That was pretty fast.

I wonder if Ray Kurzweil is still right about his prediction for 2029 having smart AI.. I've seen numerous things recently suggesting AGI is getting much closer than thought before, seen some arguments against it not happening or not possible, but more for it than against.

It is getting quite advanced though, generating images from text, generating music from text, getting information by asking it something, and now even mapping objects in 3D so it can kind of see things in photos etc. I heard they now want to give it motivation, AKA not just idly sit there until you prompt it to do something.

When they can combine all those things all they need is a body, and you have an instant companion.. Or something unpredictable?

mkis00763d ago

A true ai needs a self, and I dont know that its possbile to program a soul. It will always be as its programmed to be.

Number1TailzFan63d ago

Dude, if it acts like a person, talks like a person.. Etc, would it matter? It's not really "programmed" to be anything as far as I know ATM.

mkis00762d ago

code is just a series of commands, ai is only as smart as the code that its built on. We need thousands?millions? of times over more processing power to be close to true ai.

Vengeance113864d ago

We sure are in love with speeding up humanities death. Can see a future where we ask

Human: Can I eat today?
AI: No
Human: May I leave my house today?
AI: No