Toxic Crusader Hands-On Preview: '90's Nostalgic Toxicity

Toxic Crusader Hands-On Impressions - Retroware brings the '90s cartoon property back with some solid 2D beat-'em-up action.

shinoff218367d ago

Loved the movies and cartoons. I never played the genesis game. Never knew of it back in the day. I'm hoping it's good

gangsta_red66d ago

The cartoon was hilarious. Had a ton of wink wink jokes in it. Would love to see more 80's nostalgic video games come to life. Give me Thundercats and He Man

shinoff218365d ago

I'll have to find it and give it a rewatch. Probably cause I was younger so those jokes may have went over my head. I enjoyed the movies to. Way to young for them though but the 80s and early 90s were a different time

66d ago