12 PAX East 2023 Games You Should Wishlist NOW

PAX East 2023 was an absolute whirlwind of awesome indie games and over the course of four jam-packed days, the the entire Duel Screens team played a whole mess of them. While it’s always difficult to single out our favorites – because we really can’t get enough of indie games and want to amplify each and every one of them, we narrowed down a list of twelve amazing titles that you need to wishlist right now.

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Undisputed - Early Access Career Mode and Character Creator Coming Fall 2023

Rise Through The Ranks To Become Undisputed World Champion!


Review: Tedious WrestleQuest flexes the one muscle it has - nostalgia - Entertainium

Only hardcore fans of ‘80s wrestling or ‘90s JRPGs need apply for WrestleQuest, a backwards-looking fusion of the two.

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WrestleQuest Review | TheSixthAxis

WrestleQuest is an aggressively amorous love letter to the 1990s, mixing an old-school JRPG with pro-wresters and setting it all in a kid’s toy box.

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