My Problems With VR

Jason says, "Okay, I’ve dabbled in VR over the years, and interactive realism is starting to get VERY good. But this has actually led to more problems for me as I continue my journey to reviewing the PSVR2… Wait, am I ranting about VR?!"

Examples used are Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

rlow175d ago

Interesting, I never thought about that. Curious, anyone on here experience the same issues?

S2Killinit74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Essentially, His muscle memory from real guns kicks in and he has to adjust to the dimensions of the headset getting in the way. Interesting.

I was thinking that for the majority of people, VR gunplay will actually gain them real combat experience.

The earth will be much more ready for any alien invasion if everyone plays Pavlov than flat fps like cod.


jznrpg74d ago

They do have VR at the gun range I go to Some of the sessions if not all are for police training I believe.

It is more for situational awareness and not actual precision of shooting .

jznrpg74d ago

It is a little awkward at first but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it . That’s what the tutorial is for .
My wife would drop her knife a lot (it goes right back to your sheath) at first and had trouble reloading but she isn’t a gamer or wasn’t before besides playing Castlevania on handheld . It took her a little while to get used to .
She also goes to the real gun range and hasn’t mentioned anything conflicting but I’ll ask her next time she plays RE8 .

Stanjara74d ago

Why VR2 has that twitching again... isn't that improved? Looks terrible...
I'm still not sold on it...

S2Killinit74d ago

Thats because you are watching the head movement of someone else. In VR any twitching is your own, like in real life.

Stanjara74d ago

You're kidding me... We do not twitch in real life.

Your hands are also twitching... Every sensor is twitching.

That's good???

S2Killinit74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Edit: ohh having watched the video a third time, NOW I see what you are talking about. First, in RE the gun mechanics are superb, they are a revelation, that is how awesome it is to cock you own sniper rifle instead of clicking a button. As to the gun twitching that is his natural hands shaking, as to the cocking of the sniper, he is showing you a scene where the cocking is not being done smoothly by him, it does NOT always look like that. But as great as it is to cock your own guns, it is NOT perfect. If that is a deal breaker for you or something then VR is not ready for you. Believe it or not cocking a gun in VR is easier than real life because its semi assisted.

Hope that helps.

EvertonFC74d ago

Actually a fascinating watch, glad I don't have any real weapon experience 😂🤣

jznrpg74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I go the the gun range every week . I don’t have an issue with gaming and actual shooting interfering with each other at all.
The weight and feel of a real handgun or rifle vs a PSVR2 controller or even the gun stocks I had for PSVR1 are so different . I don’t see how I could get them confused really.

I don’t play a lot of shooter games but I do play them .

masterfox74d ago

and who cares about your problems I have my own personal problems in life :D

S2Killinit74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Hahaha first world problems.

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