PAX East 2023: Atlas Fallen hands-on impressions

During PAX East 2023, The Outerhaven had a chance to check out Deck 13's upcoming action RPG, Atlas Fallen and why this title isn't like any Soulslike game.

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Anomander73d ago

Sounds intriguing and glad to hear it's not souls like. I'm very curious about gliding in the sand and seeing how that will feel for combat.

isarai72d ago

Yeah, i love soulslikes but the genre has been severely oversaturated for a long time. I want a return of some high end action hack and slash titles.

Anomander72d ago

I totally feel the same. For the longest time it felt like everything coming out was either soulslike, roguelike, or some type of simulator (I believe I saw a lawn mowing simulator game. What's next watching paint dry!!🤣🙄).

Still on the fence on whether to get it on console or PC..

repsahj72d ago

I hope the combat is as fast as forspoken and better. I really like the forspoken combat, my only problem is the difficulty is a bit easy and they should remove the auto dodge feature.

shadowhaxor72d ago

It's similar but much faster, in my opinion. I really enjoyed it.