Women’s Pro Soccer Players React To Their Terrible FIFA 23 Characters

'You are going to scare my children,' writes Angel City FC player Sydney Leroux

Welshy184d ago

Nothing to do with it being the womens team, literally everyone outside of the marketable well known players get the most half baked models you've ever seen.

I'm from Scotland, so our teams get the worst models despite them having a larger following than most premier league teams.

anast184d ago

I want to move to Scotland one day.

Lightning Mr Bubbles184d ago

"Considering women’s footy is still frustratingly under-appreciated despite the USWNT being more successful than the USMNT and women’s soccer being more enjoyable to watch overall, it’s frustrating that every time they get a crumb of recognition, it’s undermined by shit like this."

That whole statement is stupid but the part about women's soccer being more enjoyable to watch... I mean come on, that's totally subjective. In fact most people would probably disagree since men's soccer is still more popular.

XbladeTeddy184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Worse than the Welsh? And I think having a larger following than most Premier League teams is a stretch. Rangers and Celtic and that's it, that's 2 teams.

The rest are like DLC no one cares about or even heard of.

darkrider184d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kaozz1979184d ago

This is what happens when you try to make it right for everyone and everything.

Eonjay184d ago

No this is what happens when one of the biggest yearly franchises that grosses untold billions on the likeness of other people fails to give a damn about meaningful improving a product.
It's not just the female models either.
And if it was it would still be shitty.

Don't give EA a pass on this just so you can one up a girl. Stop trying to be the biggest pussy in the room.

Kaozz1979183d ago

Sounds like you are having deeper emotional troubles. Yes, it is 100% because they are trying to make everyone happy. They would not have brought Female soccer to the game if people would not complain about it all the time. Its just a matter of time and enough complaining and we have a gender neutral league in the game.

anast184d ago

I just played Madden 23 the other day and almost none of the models look like the actual players, the ones that do are matter of luck, not even the HOF calbre players. EA is stingy.

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