Why Alien: Isolation Deserves A Sequel

Isolation still holds up remarkably well almost a decade on, and with a survival horror renaissance currently underway, it'd be a shame to waste the opportunity to do something new.

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aaronlif1071d ago

This. I want a sequel too but this game absolutely needs a psvr2 version. I'd jump on that quick. I tried the vr mod on pc, which is flawed but still gives an idea of what it would be like in VR (amazing)

DazaMc71d ago

A PSVR 2 port would be amazing.

Sciurus_vulgaris71d ago

In a hypothetical sequel, the player could be in a more open environment while being hunted by a Queen Alien. Xenomorph drones could be killed by player if you had the resources to do so or by luring them into traps.