Redfall Preview – Staking Its Claim // WellPlayed

Zach from WellPlayed writes: "Despite some open-world concerns, I’m liking what Redfall has to offer and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into the full game come May 2."

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DExer454d ago

I think it'll be interesting for coop gaming, looks like left4dead with magic


Redfall's final update, which adds an Offline Mode, is available and it's 16GB in size

Arkane Austin has just released Game Update 4, the final patch for Redfall which is 16GB in size and adds an Offline Mode.

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PassNextquestion20d ago

I'm not interested in this game but i think it's great they added the offline mode for those who are.

darthv7219d ago

It was okay at first... once they added the performance update it was definitely better.

TwoPicklesGood20d ago

Bury this turd. It’s only good as a reminder of what devs shouldn’t do.

mkis00719d ago

I hate the concept of an announced final update.


Would It Have Even Mattered If Redfall Were Good?

Even if Redfall were a good game, the closure of Hi-Fi Rush proves even that doesn't matter in the industry.

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Profchaos38d ago

Yeah it would have mattered especially since their huge game that year wasn't all that it was cracked up to be remember redfail was almost heavily promoted and hyped not to the level of starfield but still more promoted than the average game.

There was still a decent marketing campaign behind the game I'm sure millions were spent advertising it on websites and I saw a few billboards and bus stop signs in real life

darthv7237d ago

their biggest mistake was showcasing it as being a 60fps game only to release it at 30. That really soured the taste so that when the real 60fps mode was released, many still didnt want to give it a taste. i tierd it at 30... it was okay, but playing it at 60 is a much better experience and a better overall game. Its really not that bad once you get past the drama surrounding its initial release and just play it for what it is. It has some pretty decent aspects but nothing groundbreaking. It feels like a typical fps from the ps360 days... of which there were many.

jwillj2k438d ago

No it wouldn’t matter it wouldn’t bring in enough profit to offset their 100 billion dollar acquisition. It would maybe delay the inevitable by some months.

Profchaos37d ago

Pretty much no game in Bethesda stables makes cod numbers instantly even fallout 4 Bethesda's best selling game sold 12 million at launch and over the next 10 years climbed to over 32 which cod would do rapidly

CrimsonWing6938d ago

I would f*cking think so. Good games are what draws people to your platform. It’s why I adored the 360 era with Gears of War being one of the highlights for me. You make sh*t games and it just makes your platform that much worse and you start gobbling up studios I like and then killing them off it also makes me hate your platform as well… just sayin’

franwex38d ago

Unless the game would’ve been War Zone, or Fortnite level. No. Maybe even Hell divers 2 I doubt would’ve been enough.

Eonjay37d ago

Helldivers 2 realistically has earned about half a billion which is definitely a success considering it probably cost Sony $50 million to make.

However you would still need 140 releases to at least be that successful to break even on a ACT purchase.

This is how you know the goal for Microsoft was to reach those crazy subscribers numbers. Without them the whole plan falls apart.

Exvalos38d ago

No it would not have, the ABK deal was great for Microsoft but horrible for Xbox. Over 100 billion dollars in acquisitions. That money has to be made back. That ABK deal essentially destroyed Xbox as we know it.