Senua's Saga: Hellblade II Trailer Shows Stunning Facial Animation

At GDC 2023, a new Senua's Saga: Hellblade II trailer shared by Ninja Theory showcased stunning facial animation powered by UE5 and Metahuman.

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PrinceOfAnger70d ago

That's Crazy! release date when?

blackblades70d ago

Na it's a tech demo its never coming out

Mr Pumblechook70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

That's incredible facial animation. If the in-game graphics, gameplay, combat and story all match that high standard it then I can see the potential for this truly being Hellblade II: Ragnarok Killer.

GotGame81870d ago

No, it will be this year maybe early next. An 8 minute gameplay video was just released, and it looks insane!

tombfan69d ago

@GotGame... the 8 minute gameplay is from last year and it was visually stunning, but nothing more. Scripted as hell and no "real" gameplay.

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sammarshall10270d ago

These cutscene visuals are on point but in-game won't look like this

Lightning7770d ago

The second cut was in game lol

sammarshall10270d ago

@Lighting77 I'm talking about during gameplay, her face wont be that detailed

CrimsonWing6970d ago

Have you watched their gameplay demo? It doesn’t sound like you have.

sammarshall10269d ago

@CrimsonWing69 Yes I have actually and her face doesn't look as good as it does here

Watch the part in the gameplay trailer at the end where she's realizing that she knows the giant

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Obscure_Observer70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Crazy indeed! Looks Awesome! This is nothing but true current gen work.

And we heard from some morons that Xbox Series S is holding the generation back. XD

We also heard from some bs by the same people on how new acquired studios by Microsoft would get worse under Xbox Game Studios.

Crow dinner is served!

Jared250070d ago

Series S won't hold the current gen back. Better graphics is an evolutionary change-- it's relatively easy for developers to load lower res textures and turn down the draw distance, lighting effects, etc. for the Series S. Introducing SSDs is the true revolutionary change that defines the generation. The Series S and X both use the same type of SSD. The Series S is no slouch and will perform just fine at 1080p.

Obscure_Observer70d ago


"Series S won't hold the current gen back. Better graphics is an evolutionary change-- it's relatively easy for developers to load lower res textures and turn down the draw distance, lighting effects, etc. for the Series S."

Exactly! I don´t know how hard is for those fanboys to understand that Xbox Series X is and will be the lead platform for games development and the Series S versions of said games will only get ports from it. Smdh.

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Jin_Sakai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

“Crazy indeed! Looks Awesome! This is nothing but true current gen work.”

“Crow dinner is served!”

It’s literally just a face. Let me know when we see new gameplay in action and this kind of detailed facial expression.

Ashunderfire8670d ago

Where are the comparable games for Xbox Series? It’s taking way too long, and PS5 is wiping the floor with game tidal waves 🌊 after waves 🌊 Spiderman 2 will be a juggernaut 💥

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Sonic188169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

This has to be the PC version with a 2025 release date :)

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Brilliant, but we need a release date!

Flawlessmic70d ago

This looks UNREAL!!

Hopefully the gameplay backs up the graphics, and release date would be fantastic.

70d ago
Flawlessmic70d ago

i mean we will find out soon enough, i hope it does though.

i thought the same thing about ratchet and clank, then you play it and its just like wowwww, still the best looking game this gen in my opinion

I'm not about that console war life, hoping stuff on the other side doesn't look good.

i enjoy all games so yea, i hope it looks this good and plays even better, that would be exciting as hell.

Hereandthere70d ago

It's Unreal Engine 5 tech, big whoop.

mkis00770d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Ya I think people overlook just how impressive that engine is platform be damned.

Godmars29070d ago

You overlook that the original wasn't a AAA production. That it was almost Ninja Theory's last game.

mkis00770d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I'm not sure what you are trying to say? Yes it was impressive. Yes this is impressive looking too. That said the original didnt have much going on as far as gameplay goes. It was a self contained linear story. Didnt exactly allow them to show anything else off besides their budgeting.

Minute Man 72170d ago

But when U5 was 1st debuted on the PS5 this site went crazy 😆 🤣

Tacoboto70d ago

"Xbox can't handle UE5, SSD too slow"
Also Xbox: *nearly every non-Bethesda studio on UE5*

outsider162470d ago

But the Engine is pretty incredible though. Imagine games using this engine. Oh man...

bunt-custardly70d ago

Does anyone remember the Dark Sorcerer demo from E3 2014.

IanTH70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Yes! It was crazy impressive at the time, and would be amazing even today if a game actually game out and looked like that during gameplay.

That said, it's also why I take these tech demos with the largest grain of salt. They look great, as does the Senua one. But it really doesn't mean anything, in any fashion, for what the game will ultimately look like. It's cool, but that's kinda it.

Zhipp70d ago

To be fair virtually every game Sony has put out since Uncharted 4 has matched or surpassed that demo.

For UE5 we've seen legitimate gameplay from the matrix demo and the earlier footage of hellblade II that show these visuals are actually achievable in an actual videogame so I'm pretty optimistic.

jznrpg69d ago

You played TLOU2 Forbidden West , Demons Souls PS5 , Ratchet and Clank ps5 ? Those games look amazing and aren’t just tech demos

IanTH68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


Sure, I've played all of those. I said it would be impressive even today if a game looked like that during gameplay. I didn't say no other game even looks this good, even today.


Lots of games look great, and graphics wise I'd say you're right. There's still something about these that I think look a bit more impressive - sometimes - from an animation point of view. Which I think is easier to do when you only have to focus on a few minutes of animation rather than a whole game.

IamTylerDurden170d ago

Just like the trailer in 2019 and 2021 when it hadn't even started full development. Tired of tech updates for a game that barely exists. This is almost entirely what MS has done this whole generation. Announce games that haven't even started development bc they simply have very little to show otherwise. Ppl praise Phil but the game management is concerning when numerous studios/titles are in limbo. From Undead, The Initiative, 343, Rare with Everwild, Starfield/Redfall delays, Fable, HB2, Outer Worlds 2 ridiculous announcements, to games gone dormant ie Avowed. Compulsion been silent. What is going on with XB studios? Look at when HB2 was announced and the lack of output over that time from MS. Ppl say these studios need time, Ninja T has had 4 yrs since they announced the game and everyone brags about the resources MS has yet they'd rather their new gen system rot for 3 yrs with hardly any exclusives than actually plan/partner on third party projects to fill the gap. But they got The Gunk and it's a forever console exclusive, they do minor timed deals all the time. It's not a moral decision to omit quality 3rd party aaa it's poor management. Gamepass is great but ppl also want quality exclusives and with lack of 1st party output combined with lack of third party aaa it becomes an exclusives ghost town at a time when ppl look for these games to distinguish and support their new console. Hence why launch lineups are so important, ppl want to play games they can't get elsewhere, they want to see what the hardware can do, they want to feel like their new console purchase is justified and MS absolutely dropped the ball and continues to echo the same wait til next yr sentiment. They plan a new console several years in advance, if u don't have exclusives for the first few years of that launch it's just bad management especially when u have more money than god. Tired of empty game announcements, acquisitions, n tech demos...release some f****** games. Don't tell me about the future when u stiff me in the present. I bought an XB Series, i have GP, i'm not just talking crap. So miss me with the tech demo. Miss me with "in engine". Hit me with a 2023 release date bc 2022 was a release yr jk in terms of exclusive output and Starfield was a motivating factor for me to reup last yr. HB2 put a lot of ppl on the XBSX hype train in 2019. If exclusive games were releasing consistently i would excuse these early announcemens, but not when it's your entire foundation. Gamepass doesn't excuse everything. Idc if i get hate, i invested in the ecosystem and i'll speak my mind. Teedurden1, see me there.

70d ago
thesoftware73070d ago

Damn, I would read all of that but learn to use smaller paragraphs on here, walls of text look exhausting to read.

Ashunderfire8670d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I read through your wall of text and I got to say I agree! Especially when you got Spiderman 2 rumored to come this September to crush Starfield Xbox exclusive!!!! You know anything Spiderman will bring in those big numbers!!! And when they drop a trailer for Wolverine dang!!!! A tidal wave 🌊

InUrFoxHole69d ago

That's a lot to type. Next time just say... Hey guys! I'm wrong.

IamTylerDurden166d ago

darth barely plays games. U cap for xb and i play it more than u. Dispute the content of what i said otherwise u read like a child on Twitter. Tired of empty attacks over intelligent debate.

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