PlayStation Doesn't Need a Dedicated PC Store Launcher

With all the PlayStation games that are now coming to PC, is it time for Sony to release a dedicated PC launcher?

thorstein33d ago

No, and they already solved any need with the overlay that's coming.

Vits33d ago

Unless they are trying to kill their recently created PC business, I would advise against opening a dedicated PC store. It's an extremely hard endeavor, and people, in general, are very comfortable with Steam. Even Epic, with their billions of dollars invested, is still struggling to find a foothold, and they have Fortnite.

just_looken31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Money is one thing security is another but again millions have 0 knowledge past 2020.

Epic store for years struggled with a shopping cart/account theft/credit card theft

Rockstar launcher/store to this day over 5 years later still has horrific user interface security flaws lost account's and stolen CC

Then you got that activision need phone number oh we lost it launcher

The crown jewel is the ea launcher/store ea app 3 yrs old still has hundreds of threads were people lost games/accounts/game access or just straight up crashes.

Edit" Oh ubi launcher were you buy a game that may or may not be there again or work and the launcher 5yrs old still has no 4K support if you launch it on a 4k screen there is a high chance it will just crash.

ocelot0732d ago

Can tell who ever put this together is not all that clued up on pc gaming.

It's just a known fact. The PC gaming community prefer Steam and Steam alone. They don't like different launchers. I personally don't mind them. But majority just stick with steam. Hence why EA and Ubisoft went back to on releasing on steam and why Microsoft release games on steam as people hated buying from the windows store.

The only other launchers that I imagine are doing ok is GOG due to being drm free and epic games due to the free games every week. Sony shouldn't release any sort of pc launcher n

Nitrowolf232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It literally says in the OP that PC gamers don't like multiple launchers lol. It even mentions Steam being the go to for gamers

Tacoboto32d ago

Title: "PlayStation Doesn't Need a Dedicated PC Store Launcher"

N4G: "Can tell who ever put this together is not all that clued up on pc gaming"

When you don't even read the headline...

ocelot0732d ago

I read it and had a brain fart. As read the title then this "With all the PlayStation games that are now coming to PC, is it time for Sony to release a dedicated PC launcher?"

So I hold my hands up on that mistake. Rest of my comment still stands.

Giblet_Head31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Steam and GOG are highly preferred because of the rich feature set. Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA, Epic etc have all set a precedent over the years for customers to instinctively expect individual publisher launchers to be so extremely half-assed that the majority simply don't want to bother dealing with what is almost an inevitable disappointment by comparison to Steam or GOG. Those publishers and their inaction or general disinterest to improve have effectively ruined any future adoption to be taken seriously.

Einhander197232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

This is just another ridiculous double standard article.

It's like how Microsoft can spend 20 years of making nothing but gaas and live service style games to sell microtransactions, dlc and subscriptions and get praise for doing it, but if Sony wants to make a single game like that every website under the sun is writing articles saying how Sony is anti-consumer or whatever.

derek32d ago

Yep, huge double standard look at the tortured reaction to the ps5pro, websites hyperventilating like Sony is forcing people to buy it.

just_looken31d ago

Wait my xbox from 2004 has avengers gaas on it? wow your so smart

m$ Gaas started with the other companies like sony

Gamepass yes they are deep into that but its still a huge money saver sense you do not own your games then get a service like that.

Now there pc xbox launcher that is trash for years now

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