Ubisoft sparks debate by unveiling AI tool to aid scriptwriting

Ubisoft has sparked debate by showing off its new Ghostwriter tool, an "AI" designed to aid its writers create dialogue for in-game NPCs.

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Neonridr73d ago

ChatGBT write us a new video game.

XbladeTeddy73d ago

People already have made some basic games with it.

XbladeTeddy73d ago

Maybe this could have helped the awful dialogue in Midnight Suns. That dialogue was awful, maybe the AI could be a better alternative so people can concentrate of the actual story more.

BandarHub73d ago

Ai Should be used as a tool rather than a replacement.
Its great for writers to brainstorm ideas and get out of some of the writing block that they have. It also great for doing quick research rather than scan endless books on the internet.
Ai will aid with easing the coding struggles and help get to solutions faster.

Number1TailzFan73d ago

#1 use for it should be used for curing cancer and ageing. But companies are more interested in money than curing a disease.

franwex72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

There’s plenty of money in curing diseases. At least in the US. They’ve been using AI for a while too for healthcare.

XbladeTeddy71d ago

It's already being used to diagnose illnesses and is being used for other medical stuff. Nothing wrong in other industries trying it out for their field of work.

XiNatsuDragnel73d ago

AI should be a tool not replacing writing imo.

GoodGuy0972d ago

I mean Ubi already has souless writing, maybe AI can actually make it better for them lol

isarai72d ago

Basically what i came here to say 🤣

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