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Rob writes, "This is the Destiny we have for now. And things will change over the next year, a lot of tweaks are incoming. Difficulty will probably be scaled back as the current state scares away new and casual players. The consumables economy is likely going to need to be tweaked as well, the game will evolve with the seasons, but Lightfall itself is an overall disappointing chapter in a game that remains excellent. Bungie appears to be buying time until the Final Shape next year, and we're being asked to pay for it. "

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coolbeans489d ago

I will never understand the sustained engagement with such a wildly inconsistent series.

OMNlPOTENT489d ago

Constant updates, top-notch gameplay and gameplay loop, a lot of endgame content. There isn't really a FPS that fills the role that destiny fills anywhere near as well. Destiny isn't perfect, but it has reasons that keep people coming back. Also: I have played this DLC, and it's constantly being reviewed solely on its weak story. Destiny has never had the strongest story, but the gameplay holds it up. It's more like a 7/10.

EmperorDalek489d ago

It seriously isn't as bad as these reviewers are saying. It's scoring lower than Shadowkeep and Beyond Light, which is ridiculous. Yes the story was a colossal disappointment, but just about everything else has been good. The game is in a better state than it was a year ago.


How to make the most of Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access, live now

How to make the most of the Expansion Open Access, plus PlayStation Plus Monthly Game Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for May: EA Sports FC 24, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, Destiny 2: Lightfall

All playable May 7.

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i surprised to see Fifa 24 here for free for PlayStation plus am sure people are still buying the game with how big the Fifa games are.

VersusDMC81d ago

Especially with the Euro cup coming up in june and it still selling as it was the 2nd best selling game for March in the UK. Big soccer competitions usually get me to play some FIFA(or FC now).

81d ago
outsider162481d ago

God damnit! I had just bought eafc24 on sale last month..

Cacabunga81d ago

they already gave FIFA23 last year, no surprise.
i do not have 24, I am still playing 23 I like the World Cup mode.
Ghostrunner 2 looks good, reminds me somehow of Mirror Edge.

CantThinkOfAUsername81d ago

It works for EA since it drives more people to try the game and get trapped in the casin... Ultimate Team cards.

Christopher81d ago

It came out over 6 months ago and most of its income now is MTX. Not surprising IMHO.

Abear2181d ago

Exactly! Nobody is buying it so they give it away and get a little boost of mtx, this is what these glorified rental services gets you

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Crows9082d ago

Tunic and ghost runner are damn good. Solid month.

monkey60281d ago

Yeah I'm happy with those 2. I didnt play Tunic when I had gamepass so ill be glad to finally give it a go.
I'm also amazed they still find ways to give Destiny 2 away. But at least its an added game and not one of the main titles

Tacoboto81d ago

Tunic was such an incredible experience, I'd instantly recommend it to anyone wanting a more old-school figure-it-out type of game.

The music alone is very peaceful and calming and balances well against the more strict combat

monkey60281d ago

I remember loving the demo for it but just hadn't got around to getting the full game yet.

shinoff218381d ago

I thought tunic was pretty cool. Didn't care much for Ghostrunner

Einhander197282d ago

Four games including one of the best selling and most popular sports games and you get to keep them as long as you have a subscription to the basic tier. This is an extremely high value month

What does games with gold give this month? I'm sure if anything at all, it's just a bunch of stuff that has already been on game pass for years.

Tacoboto81d ago

Your troll attempt is six months late to the party.

Einhander197281d ago

Oh pardon me, they changed the name to game pass core so Phil could talk up some inflated numbers even after they said they weren't going to share numbers anymore.

Tacoboto81d ago

Why is this relevant in an article about PS Plus anyway?

You're spamming for the sake of spamming with a troll post over something Microsoft did away with half a year ago.

81d ago
northpaws82d ago

This line up and I still see people complain about it at the blog.playstation.com... gamers these days...

I don't play all of them, but an amazing month!!

MWeaver58981d ago

I have everything I want, but I am still overjoyed to see Tunic make the list. It's such a charming love letter to games of the past, and something anyone who enjoyed gaming in the '90s should absolutely check out. I mean, it even allows you to create an in-game manual that is reminiscent of those you'd read on the ride home.