Atelier Ryza's First Game Is Getting Its Very Own Anime Adaptation

The Japanese animation studio Liden Films (Senyu, Goblin Slayer) will be taking on the responsibility of adapting the 2019 video game entry into an anime. So far, some key art has been shared along with a teaser trailer. You can see the main cast of characters and a release date confirming it will drop at some point in 2023.

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Atelier Ryza series shipments top 1.6 million

Combined shipments for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy have surpassed 1.6 million units, publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust announced.

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BrainSyphoned199d ago

Those are some pretty Thicc numbers.

CrimsonWing69198d ago

Man, how could you get a downvote for facts?

phoenixwing198d ago

For the quality of the games it should be higher

TheColbertinator198d ago

Glad to see the continued success of the Atelier series.

Nyxus198d ago

Who's buying the third one next week?

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Atelier Ryza Getting Super-Cute New Figure by Alter

Alter has made a brand new Atelier Ryza figure from the original game available for pre-order, and she's really cute.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles373d ago

Me being a Playstation guy and a huge JRPG fan, I can say that the only franchises I actually miss that are on Switch are The Fire Emblem series and The Xenoblade Chronicles series. I've played neither but I've heard good things. I've seen people play Xenoblade Chronicles games on youtube, and it seems like they think it's a big deal so I'm curious.

Rebel_Scum373d ago

As someone who doesnt like jrpg’s that much these days I went into Xenoblade Chronicles blind and had a blast. Reminded me of that golden age of 16-bit and 32-bit jrpgs. If thats the era you liked then it should hit the spot.

jznrpg373d ago

I only have a Switch for the games that don’t come on PlayStation . There aren’t a ton but there are some good ones.

repsahj373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

I agree with top 1, for me xenoblade chronicles 3(and 2) is one of the greatest jrpg to date. It's like the feeling of playing ff7 on ps1 for the first time again. Imagine if XC3 was done with ps5 graphics, that will be magical. I might get the xc remaster before the year ends or after I got the platinum trophy of GoW ragnarok.

jznrpg373d ago

I didn’t care for 2 as much . It’s good but 3 is sooo much better than so is the first one imo .

repsahj373d ago

yeah I agree, but much better than any recent jrpg releases.