I'm Tired Of Bad Spiritual Successors

In the past three months alone, we’ve had The Callisto Protocol, Atomic Heart, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, all of which failed to capture the magic of games that inspired them. Spiritual successors are back in vogue, but playing them is like walking through a funhouse at a carnival and seeing your own reflection distorted in the mirror. It’s familiar, but everything feels off.

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bunt-custardly427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I am lost, Atomic Heart is a spiritual successor to which game? And please don't say Bioshock (Infinite).

Noskypeno426d ago

Haven't played it yet but maybe it uses the abilities or environmental storytelling in a similar way to Bioshock. If we dig deep enough we can say every game is a spiritual successor to every game that came before it.

myfathersbastard426d ago

It clearly takes inspiration from bioshock, but in no way was it a spiritual successor.
In my mind, true spiritual successors are games done by a person/team that worked on the original game, but for one reason or another, can’t make another entry in that franchise.
Whether they are good or bad, is another story.

SurgicalMenace426d ago

Not only Atomic, but Wo Long, Collisto, etc? They were all new IPs so what are they succeeding?

IamTylerDurden1425d ago

Callisto was a direct successor to Deadspace and it lets u know. Wo Long was rumored to have started as Nioh 3 conceptually. Atomic Heart is very Bioshock but imo it distinguishes itself from the IP more than the others.

IamTylerDurden1425d ago

AH takes inspiration from Bioshock but it has enough elements imo to make it unique. Callisto/Wo Long look as if they could actually be games in the Deadspace/Nioh franchises. Certainly AH's opening has Columbia vibes plus shock, frost, telekinesis, and the flying bots harken back to Bioshock. However, it also offers bits of Farcry in terms of open world sections, RE/Evil Within via save rooms, and touches by everything from Prey (also Bioshock inspired) to Wolfenstein to even Fallout in terms of alt history 50's/robots/tech. It's primary inspiration is Bioshock but has many other elements and imo it carves out a fun and at times unique experience. Certainly a flawed game but i fell for the enjoyable combat, deep upgrades/mods, and fantastic setting. Mid way through the game there was an almost Kojima like cutscene involving the ballerina twins creating a weird polymer reaction with a body and i loved. AH is bruting in its convictions, it stumbles at times, but ultimately a game i can get behind and game i enjoy seeing in the market. A nearly self funded AAA (ish) title from a new eastern European dev. And it isn't EA or Ubi it's Focus Home. I support it and encourage anyone who enjoyed Bioshock and Prey to give it a try.

DrDoomer426d ago

None of the games in that pic are bad.

Sgt_Slaughter426d ago

But they're not as good as the games they're trying to emulate, which is the problem. Riding off the coattails of the success of another game yet not putting in the effort to earn it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Callisto Protocol < Dead Space
Back 4 Blood < Left 4 Dead
Wo Long < Nioh
Atomic Heart < ??????

It's true none of those games are bad, but I agree they aren't as good as the games that inspired them. And metacritic scores also show that to be true. Although Wo Long is still pretty good with a metacritic score of 81 compared to 88 for Nioh and 85 for Nioh 2.

I don't even know what game inspired Atomic Heart.

jambola426d ago

The metacritic scores show subjective opinions
Nothing else
Not even necessarily from people who played both

kingnick426d ago

Not every game has to be as good as the game or franchise that inspired it.

The bigger problem I find is that I get burned out on the game that inspired the later game then I have no desire to play the later game, for example I couldn't stand Back 4 Blood as it just seemed inferior to Left 4 Dead and I can't bring myself to play Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 as I played way too much of both and not even mods make me want to play either again.

SurgicalMenace426d ago

No matter what Metacritic says it is only a consensus of what others "think" about a game. I purchased all of them, all but Elden Ring/B4B did i thoroughly enjoy. After hundreds of hours in Nioh, Wo Long stands out enough from it to earn its own merit in the industry. There is nothing that would lead me to say any of these are bad I don't care what critics say.

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CrimsonWing69426d ago

Um, those games are better than 70% of the games released.

Also, Wo Long isn’t good now?