Why Are So Many Remasters Sub-Par At Launch?

Remasters are fantastic, but they're also a little bit weird. They give us the chance to revisit some of our favourite games from our childhood, give new players the opportunity to share in our experiences, and sometimes they represent the first time a game is getting an international release. But why are they so inconsistent.

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blackblades80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Lazyness money grabbing sums it up. Definetly when the game gets remastered for the 2nd time like symphonia. SR3 remaster they went in and touched it up more then a supposedly remaster would. Lately there been remakes insteadve remasters and Namco shouldve remade symphonia after tales of arise success insteadve a 2nd remaster. I'll be damn of they released a 3rd insteadve a remake. With the lasted they should had done a touch up like SR3 did and fix the issues amongst others problems or a remake like RE