Bandai Namco Wants Your Feedback On Tales Of Symphonia Remastered

Bandai Namco has opened up a survey for Tales of Symphonia Remastered, asking fans and those who've played the game to provide them feedback on the release.

The beloved action RPG — which initially launched on GameCube in 2003 — made it to Switch back in February in a remaster based on the Japan-only PS2 port. Yet many reported multiple bugs, glitches, and issues with the remaster, with some calling it "worse than the original", comparing it unfavourably to the PS3 remaster.

In the survey, there are a number of questions which ask you to rank your favourite and least favourite features, rate the difficulty, the UI, and your overall experience.

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XiNatsuDragnel163d ago

I would like a multi platform release tbh

blackblades163d ago

It is ps and nintendo, also it really need big things like it really needs a remake not a 2nd remaster which did no different from the ps3 remaster. If not at least do better with remaster.

FallenAngel1984163d ago

It’s already multiplatform

The series has been day one multiplatform since 2019. Have you been living under a rock?


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XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Well I guess my hope is Sony isn't planning the Sam's thing? Because cloud anything isn't exactly my cup of tea tbh.

Christopher1d 6h ago

Microsoft is buying up IPs and eating a ton of costs to push people into it. I really hope people are resistant to an industry change in such a manner. I get it's an option people want, but Microsoft doesn't want to stop there. They want to get rid of hardware. They've said as much multiple times in the last two generations of hardware. I'd go full Steam/GOG before I went into the cloud. It's just not a good way to game, IMHO. Too many elements you can't control and the subscriptions already suffer the issue that video streaming sites suffer where you can't just rely on what you want being there when you want it.

Aloymetal1d 2h ago

I couldn't agree more. 100%!!

Northpoint1d 2h ago

Also, once more games on there, price hikes will follow.

hiroyukisanada1d 2h ago

Yep. They're pushing towards the exact same idea they had for Xbox One launch lol Digital, online-only, subscription model. Remember "power of the cloud?" Cloud hybrid sounds eerily similar, doesn't it?

Profchaos1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

Agree once you own the worlds most loved IP it will be next and it seems more inevitable every year we will only be playing games from Microsoft data centres in the next 15 years if they get their say

Microsoft is pushing so hard for ownership of Nintendo as it differs to a franchise game like tlou you can only make so many tlou entries before the popularity drops but you can make a hundred Mario games because each entry is unique.

It's why Microsoft wants ownership of Doom, cod, crash, Spyro etc.

Once they have what they want better believe they will charge through the nose for gamepass and I honestly see a future where games are exclusive to GP removing the ability to simply buy them

Were falling into a long term industry trap and some people are far to excited about it

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2d ago
purple1011d 4h ago

Google stadia waves hello'.… from the grave

Fishy Fingers1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

The IBM Simon, a touch screen mobile released in 1992.

Not saying whether it's smart or not, but every far fetched idea sounds stupid until someone makes it work. iPhone 2007.

purple1011d 3h ago

U must mean like when Apple stole the idea for the mouse from zerox, stole their software, then Microsoft licenced said software from Apple to make word and excel (which actually debuted on Mac first). Then proceeded to steal all apples hard work and use their code to make windows, including, stealing said mouse idea.

Fishy Fingers18h ago

Yes thats exactly the same as my point.

jznrpg1d 1h ago

MS: How can we get to our Xbox One ideals with always online DRM no physical copies ? Cloud hybrid , that’s how.

Barlos21h ago

Well if that's true they can keep it. Cloud gaming is not my future.


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Fist4achin1d 8h ago

Next are going to be free games with online pachinko accounts.

Chocoburger21h ago

Nah, the games they've released since 2015's Phantom Pain have been cheaply budgeted, sloppy, poorly thought-out games. Unless if they start releasing masterpieces again, which they won't because they don't have the talent, nor the willingness to budget for quality games anymore, they aren't worth forgiving.

Just releasing a bunch of emulated classic games, or sloppily porting MGS games onto modern hardware isn't enough. It has to be NEW GAMES, not remasters, and no emulation or ports. But without the talent that made them an amazing company in the past, it all means nothing.