Exoprimal Doesn’t Look Like The Dino Crisis Game We Hoped For, After All

Exporimal marks Capcom's return to dino-fighting action. This could sound perfect for Dino Crisis fans, but it might not be the perfect successor.

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VersusDMC8d ago

We knew it wasn't dino crisis from the reveal trailer. Why are we shitting on this game for not being Dino Crisis when it was never supposed to be?

It looks like a mindless multiplayer game where you shoot dinosaurs. Like a Earth Defence Force with dinosaurs. And that's the game they wanted to make.

These articles are as dumb as complaining that monster hunter should have been a dino crisis game because it has dinosaurs in it....

-Foxtrot8d ago

The issue people have is Capcom not reading the room at all

For years we’ve gone on about Dino Crises and they finally make a new game about Dinosaurs and it’s not a new Dino Crises, not even a spiritual successor but the totally opposite of what people wanted

It’s like teasing your fan base and then giving them the middle finger

MinnesotaFatts7d ago

DUDE. EDF with dinosaurs would be the SHIT.

Godmars2908d ago

Because survival action has replaced survival horror?

Good-Smurf8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Worse, we getting another soulless GaaS title with dinosaurs in it, they're not listening again.
It seems like Capcom are unwilling to take big risks with Old dormant and New IPs anymore, the consecutive Resident Evil releases showed just that.
They are their sure money makers but it wouldn't hurt that they try something new in between but it hasn't been the case for years now.
The only thing new from Capcom right now is Pragmata.
I don't want Capcom to be known as just another studio that do Resident Zombies and Monster Hunting games, they're in the risk of becoming one if they refused to diversify their games.

iNcRiMiNaTi8d ago

Dragons dogma 2 is coming at least. I'd like a new okami or onimusha but those are highly unlikely