Final Fantasy Creator Reveals How Cloud Strife Changed Video Games Forever

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi talked about how a landmark innovation helped make the series more popular in the West.

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Knightofelemia8d ago

So you're saying CG cutscenes are what caught the attention of fans in the west? Totally forgetting that fans have been enjoying FF games on the NES, SNES and the handhelds. You also forget to mention the story, memorable characters, and the memorable music of the game composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The cutscenes are great yes but there are other building blocks to a game besides the cutscenes. Also the fact back then Squaresoft was churning out great JRPG's before FF7 and after FF7 Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Secret of Evermore. Those other JRPG's also played a part of adding Squaresoft in the crosshairs of JRPG fans. FF7 opened the door wider for old fans and newer fans entering into the world of Final Fantasy.

RpgSama8d ago

Dude, I still remember the TV spots, "the most expensive game ever made" and stuff like that while showing CG cutscenes, that's what got a LOT on new people through the door, then they stayed because they fell in love with the game, but surely the CG spots and publicity had a lot to do with how this side of Japan was won.

MWH8d ago

Calm down. he's not overshadowing the game's overall quality, he's just stating the obvious at the time and he's right. Good presentations and first impressions can make or break how people perceive certain things or others.

Gatsu8d ago

As a 10 year old back then I was mind-blown by the CG cutscenes for sure and I'm glad my dad bought me my first Final Fantasy. Which also is the best imo.

curtain_swoosh8d ago

"the West" aint just america.

europe had no clue what Final Fantasy was. we never got any of the games until 7 came out.

Melankolis8d ago

You might not be wrong, but i think he's more talking about "the non-fans in a specific time" in this case.

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NotoriousWhiz8d ago

FF7 on PS1 made final fantasy bigger than it ever was on the SNES or NES.

repsahj8d ago

When the ps1 came, in order for my parents to buy me, I bought a dragon ball gt final bout ps1 game even though I don't have a ps1. Because of that, I made them agree to buy me one, and FF7 is included in the bundle(along with 2 more games), only because the agent at the shop suggested that it was a great game. And I was so impressed with it, I forgot to play the dragon ball gt final bout.

Lolyta8d ago

Cloud is an Icon and so is Sora
But honestly i could say the same thing about Aya Brea from Parasite Eve , THAT to me is what changed gaming forever