Valheim Devs Have No Current Plans to Release on PlayStation

Valheim developer Iron Gate Studios says that there are no currently no plans to bring the survival game over to other platforms outside of Xbox, including PlayStation.

In an episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, senior developer Jonathan Smårs said, “Currently, we’re only looking at the Xbox, but you never know.” Valheim is coming to early access preview on Xbox, and while Smårs wasn’t part of the conversations to bring the game over to that platform, publisher Coffee Stain worked with Microsoft to do so.

Grave75d ago

I think it's great that it's on Xbox. I hope gamers there enjoy it, I know I have. I also think it would do really well on Playstation.

anast75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

That 20k player count would quadruple if they changed their mind. Though seeing that their game isn't even in the top hundred for sales they might need that MS money.

Grave75d ago

I played on Steam and you could select "Alternate Glyphs" and it showed a PS5 controller and all the buttons changed to PS. That gives me hope.

anast75d ago

It looks like a cool game. Grim Dawn is the one I want on console. I would day 1 that thing.

jznrpg74d ago

It’s what they say when it’s a paid timed exclusive but contract says they can’t say anything until it’s over .

ActualEngineer74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Don't get your hopes up. The studio would more than likely be bought off by microsoft once the Activision deal goes through in late April to early June (as well known game-market analysis firms predict, once the EU and CMA give the yes, the FTC will go under pressure - having the weakest case aswell. And to avoid the down votes, as the analysts predict, the EU has already green lighted off the books - the CMA's case can be dismissed by creating a second UK company with an auditor and managing COD under that and the people in the FTC are running for office - so they would rather not have a war on their hands)

jeromeface74d ago

prob just accessability options for people who use ps controllers on pc

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LG_Fox_Brazil75d ago

Good to know I am not the only one hoping for a Grim Dawn release on PS5!!!

Terry_B74d ago

Nah. Games like that are best played on PC.

74d ago
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anast74d ago

Do you mean because it's a bit janky and fun?

Stanjara74d ago

Its coop team jumping whatever... PS+ included.

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Jin_Sakai74d ago

Then you’re missing out on a 32+ million user base.

Lightning7774d ago

32 million aren't gonna play this...

Jin_Sakai74d ago

Obviously all 32 million aren’t going to buy the game…🤦‍♂️

Christopher74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I mean, you have to give credit, even Microsoft uses that logic now


Edit: Just to note, the dev team working on this is pretty darn small. They're the type of studio that has to focus on specific platforms at a time.

Edit 2: Heck yeah, let's get Grim Dawn on consoles. Great game from Bruno and team. Not sure what it has to do with this game, though.

Panhandler74d ago

PS players are notorious for mainly playing just COD and that's not even debatable. Why do you think MS went after Activision.

TheColbertinator74d ago

Everybody plays COD. Top game on every platform it is on. Microsoft is smart for wanting all those sales for themselves.

Christopher74d ago

Every platform is notorious for playing CoD, PS just has the biggest portion of the fanbase.

-Mika-74d ago

Oh please, you 32 million users couldn't even support Square Enix. Doi need to remind you of Forspoken.

Shane Kim74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Forspoken wasn't really a good game. We'll have to wait for final fantasy for better judgement.

jznrpg74d ago

Timed exclusive … MS does it foo. Stalker 2 , The Medium, Scorn, Warhammer Vermentide 2 etc

74d ago
jznrpg71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Well it’s noted today 6 month timed exclusive so , ok

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