'Trails to Azure' Proves No Other RPG Series Does Worldbuilding Better

Hayes Marsden writing for Inverse notes that the "Trails series does world-building better than any other RPG out there, weaving a rich tapestry of a world that grows and changes across each release".

jambola75d ago

It doesn't prove it
If it was proven this wouldn't be an opinion piece

jznrpg75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Love me some Legend of Heroes .
There are other games that do it well but Legend of Heroes has continued for so long it’s hard to match the level.
Everone likes different things so it may not be for them which is fine as these games keep coming out and that’s the all that matters to me.

My copy of Azure should be here soon but I am still playing Zero

FinalFantasyFanatic74d ago

I like Legend of Heroes, but that story pacing for some of the games is absolutely excruciating, otherwise it would be one of my favorite franchises. It took me multiple attempts to finish the Cold Steel game (to be fair, the 2nd and 3rd games are better paced than the first), while I appreciate all the world building, asking someone to play a 60 hour game to get to most of the good stuff is a big ask.