Thrillville to PS3, Xbox 360 and/or Nintendo Wii

Thrillville, the new themepark-game made by Frontier and published by LucasArts, seems quite successful. In only six weeks, the game has sold over half a million copies and it is even one of the best selling, new IP's with a 'Teen' rating. Therefor, LucasArts and Frontier Development released a statement, to celebrate this thrilling success.

"The popularity of Thrillville has ensured the brand's continuation as a premier children's gaming franchise. LucasArts will release information on the construction of new Thrillville experiences in the coming months, including likely editions for consoles of the new generation."

Read the last sentence again and you'll see that the game will come to one or more of the next-gen consoles. Will we be building a beautiful themepark with High Definition graphics on de PLAYSTATION 3 and/or Xbox 360? Or will we build a themepark with the innovative Wiimote?

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