DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Accolades Trailer

The reviews are in! See what critics are saying about the new DualSense Edge™ wireless controller. Perfect Your Gameplay™

Stanjara79d ago

Except battery life... where are accolades for that?

andy8579d ago

Never get this whole battery life thing. People shouldn't be playing for 6-7 hours without a break anyway. Charge it for half an hour, take a break, have some dinner, talk to your family. And you can still play with jt charging. Sure, more is always better but it's not a massive issue

Jin_Sakai79d ago

I always slap the DualSense on the wireless charger every night and it’s good to go the next day. Never really had an issue. Can’t speak for the Edge controller though.

blackblades79d ago

I charge when I take a break, I don't play for multiple hours it's bad for your health. Wouldn't a battery bank work on a controller or would it harm it.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

This, are people not dropping their controllers onto a charger after a session? 6-7 hours is a long gaming session, especially when you have other commitments in your life, I can only play for that long on the weekends.

Demetrius79d ago

Ikr after about an hour and half I take a break lol even when I’m home by myself I’m like ok ps5 sleep mode for now or the same thing for my switch

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MeteorPanda79d ago

I have one and l can say its..fine? It takes like 5 minutes to charge so every 2 or 4 hours l'll plug it for a bit and continue on with my life.

I don't get what the big goddamn cry is on battery life. It feels amazing, l can program the paddles to whatever l like, l can adjust the top buttons to certain levels so l don't get finger strain in say ff14 where bumper and trigger buttons are held a lot...

Same ppl complaining on memory cards on the Vita, please just stop.

Battery life has not improved and has bottlenecked all technology, not just Sony.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

The Vita memory cards were a legit issue though, propriety and expensive, wish I was able to get a decent one before the PS Vita store closed, but at those prices...

Goosejuice79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Ya the memory storage was a big issue. The price was ridiculous. I still have my vita and turned into an emulation hand held and even uses regular SD cards now which is nice. Rhat screen was fantastic on it with the original Oled screen.

Abnor_Mal79d ago

It was only four reviews shown, not much of an accolade trailer if I’m being honest.

I haven’t seen the PSVR2 one yet, but I’m sure it will have more than four positive comments.