Starfield: Official Launch Date Announcement

Get ready to embark on an epic journey when Starfield, the first new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios, launches on September 6, 2023.

Obscure_Observer437d ago (Edited 437d ago )


Bethesda´s biggest open world RPG and new IP in 22 years is finally upon us!


Terry_B437d ago

Hopefully Microsoft forces Bethesda to bug test their game for once. ;)

darthv72437d ago

i think that is what is taking the most time, and why its not releasing in the first half of 23 but now the second half.

JokerBoy129437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

@darthv72 I also suspect these delays are to work a 60fps performance mode into the game after Todd let it slip the game would be 30fps.

fr0sty436d ago

"the first new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios" shows just how stagnant the creativity at Bethesda has become. Can you name another major publisher that hasn't made a new universe/franchise in 25 years?

CrimsonWing69436d ago

ok you win comment of the day, lol.

peppeaccardo436d ago

Wait ... so we finallly know when the day-one-update will be released ? :P :P :P

LordoftheCritics436d ago

It's looking good.

2023 is turning out better than anticipated.

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sparky77437d ago

More like Game of the Generation.

Looks amazing.

__SteakDeck__437d ago

How can ya’ll call a game, “Game of The Generation” When ya’ll haven’t played it yet? LMAO

Terry_B437d ago

"More like Game of the Generation."

OKAY! (lol)

sparky77437d ago

Guys go and play some games seriously, just because you won't have access to Starfield doesn't mean you need to deny the inevitable.

__SteakDeck__437d ago

@sparky77 They won’t need access to Starfield. They’ll have access to FF 16 and Spider Man 2. Lol

-Foxtrot437d ago

OH…there it is

The fanboyism

Forgetting some people here actually do have Xbox Series X or have a PC

This isn’t about the game, it’s about you guys jumping the shark saying Game of the Generation when we still know very little, knowing how buggy their past games are and because as a pure Xbox player have been starved of new games that a drop of water looks like an ocean

sparky77437d ago

Good go play those games while the rest of us play the Game of the Generation which is Starfield :)

senorfartcushion437d ago


You’re all fanboys one way or another.

__SteakDeck__437d ago

@sparky77 Calling a game, “Game of The Generation only 2 years into the Gen and you haven’t even played it, is just LMAO. You’re either trolling, or you’re a desperate Xbox fanboy.

Aloymetal437d ago

If you think about it, anything could be ''game of the generation'' for xbox.

jznrpg437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Holy crap you guys really do need some more games to call something game of the generation without seeing a lot . This is the problem with Xbox. They don’t have to do much and you will praise it to hell and be happy with whatever . One AAA MS game in 3 years and you are so happy ? I don’t get it

-Foxtrot437d ago

@ SenorFartCushion26

Not really

I’ll call out whoever if they are in the wrong or I don’t like the look of something.

Just for me, at the minute, between the two, Sony seems to be doing more for gamers and even then no company is perfect.

I’ll buy this, I love Bethesda games but I’m not going to call it game of the generation before seeing more on it. Even with enjoying Skyrim I still was uneasy about it being Game of the Year with the awful bugs present.

Sonic1881437d ago

The funny thing about his comment is that he truly believes that 😂 No man sky clone incoming

Broncob437d ago

Don't count on it, they regard bugs as features lol

Old McGroin437d ago


Nobody needs your permission to be excited about something, get over yourself.

thesoftware730437d ago

I get them same vibes, this game will be huge, and the scope and graphics look phenomenal.

Zombieburger638437d ago

I can already tell you it won’t be goty. Baldurs gate 3 will easily beat it in quality, content, and polish.