Assassin's Creed's Has Lost Its Way

Driven by profit, Ubisoft is doing what’s best for its margins instead of what’s best for players.

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Psychotica81d ago

Driven by profit like most businesses..

Hofstaderman81d ago

Ah man they finally announce a Japan setting title and they find themselves in this turmoil.

TheColbertinator81d ago

I liked Valhalla but it has some serious underlying issues and the series is in a creative slump.

NINJA568980d ago (Edited 80d ago )

i miss the actual stealth elements of the early games. its just turned in to an action rpg at this point. I want feel the chase and escape, the assassination that no one saw, and the thrill of obtaining a new gadget. not just swinging my weapon until the next cutscene.

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