The Force is Still Strong: 10 Star Wars Games That Stand the Test of Time

Discover 10 classic Star Wars games that still hold up today in our list. From lightsaber battles to space combat simulations, these titles offer hours of entertainment for fans and gamers alike.

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darthv72202d ago

Pretty decent list. I'd add Shadows of the Empire and Force unleashed as honorable mentions.


Star Wars canon that would make great video games

Star Wars canon is full of rich characters and deep storylines that few people have heard of and are ripe for the picking. Here are a few that we could see games in the near future.

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Can Star Wars Video Games Rebound from the EA Deal?

Star Wars video games have historically been known for having some of the best storylines and gameplay, but as of late, they have been hit or miss.

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Profchaos36d ago

The EA deathgrip has been loosened and many companies have been given the reins to try their hand so far we're seeing some great looking games but we will see how they pan out.

Either way I'm thankful EA didn't get another chance to push a battlefront 3

Ddavis769036d ago

I’d really love to see a KOTOR style game made by FromSoft.

Knightofelemia36d ago

If you want your franchise to die then give it to EA.

IRetrouk36d ago

Ofcourse, if the right dev and pub comes along, look at acti and spidey as an example.

Tacoboto36d ago

"This would be ok since the PC gaming community has for years created the obnoxious slogan of “PC Master Race,” leaving console players to feel like second-rate members of the gaming community so many console players were telling the PC players to cry them a river."

What an awful take to read for a first opinion of this website. I guess the article topic isn't much better, talk about being three years too late when (1) Jedi Survivor is great outside of the technical issues, (2) the KOTOR Remake problems have nothing to do with EA, (3) Outlaws looks fantastic in its unveiling.

PC Version issues are not unique to EA, irrelevant to Star Wars. Other publishers have possible hits and possible misses with their Star Wars titles, nothing to to with EA either.

Becuzisaid36d ago

Hopefully will with Outlaws. Though I haven't played Survivor yet, it does look fun.

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Assets From A Canceled Star Wars RTS Game Have Been Discovered

An artist has lifted the curtain on several assets for a Star Wars RTS game canceled in pre-production in 2013.

XiNatsuDragnel149d ago

Revive it revive the star wars rts plz

SinisterMister149d ago

RTS isn't my thing, but I'm sure fans of the franchise would appreciate a game like that

CrimsonWing69149d ago

I’d like to try an X-Com type of turn-based strategy game set in the Star Wars universe.