Horizon Forbidden West: A Year Later, The PS5 Gem Feels Forgotten

The Horizon series has a knack for bad timing. When series debut Horizon Zero Dawn released, Breath of the Wild came out mere days later. Last year, when Horizon Forbidden West came out, Elden Ring was on its heels days after. Now, it seems, Horizon is overshadowing itself.

It’s been just over a year since Forbidden West came out and, aside from the recently released Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR 2, the franchise is largely sitting idly.

Nyxus90d ago

"The Horizon series has a knack for bad timing. When series debut Horizon Zero Dawn released, Breath of the Wild came out mere days later."

So what? Horizon sold 20 million copies.

Vits90d ago

I think the point is that Horizon is a successful series. However, it's also one that fails to leave any sort of legacy, short of the release periods the conversation around the games is basically non-existent.

isarai90d ago

I loved the first to death, but forbidden west while much prettier, did not feel as well crafted, and certainly not as polished as the 1st game. I uninstalled the game without beating the final boss fight cause it's so insanely cheap and op. And by that point my frustrations with the game had built to the point where i was just done with it.

Crows9089d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Not true. Heavy conversation around the game post launch. How many linear story games without pvp have any conversation a year after release?

So you got to final boss and said it's op??? Umm you are super dishonest.

EverydayJoe89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

My only issue with Forbidden West was at certain point the map started to feel a little over whelming. I got the platinum trophy for it though. You didn't have to do everything that shows up.

Redemption-6489d ago

Not everything needs to leave a legacy. When Horizon 1st came out and people kept saying the game was going to be killed by Zelda, then it sold 20M, now same excuses for ER. Am sure devs prefer people buying their games than having a legacy that doesn't lead to more sales. For example FromSoftware games such as Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro have what you call "Legacy" yet more people have played Horizon Zero dawn than most of the sales of these games combined. Aside from Elden Ring most of FromSoftware's games have not been sold as much Horizon and I expect Forbidden West to end up outselling most of those games.

Legacy as you call it, only matters on social media, most in reality do not care about them

Vits89d ago


You do realize that is not an argument, right? That just means that the majority of those types of games fail on the same thing.

Probably because of the same reasons, they are mostly very straight-up affairs that take very few or zero risks and just try to be fun for the moment. That makes them safe bets for folks that don't really like to go out of their zone of comfort which means that sales will be solid especially if paired with a good marketing push.


"I think the point is that Horizon is a successful series. However..."

Very few devs have contracts that add a bonus to the total number of sales. So honestly? Most of them probably don't care about how many copies the game sold as long as they are not thrown out of the building. And many people care about games leaving a legacy, which is why some games regardless of age are still being talked about and played by generation after generation.

Horizon is simply not a series that will go down in history like that. It's more of a "popcorn movie", a fun seasonal game that will be enjoyed by a good number of people exactly because it's easily digestible content.

isarai89d ago


"Super dishonest" lol ok, sure bud

89d ago
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GamingSinceForever89d ago

@Isarai…That’s the biggest crock of $h!t I’ve heard in a minute. If you didn’t like the game fine, but to say that it lacked polish in comparison to the original is cap. C’mon now.

isarai89d ago

It wasn't a secret that the game was quite glitchy for a couple months after launch. Patch notes dont lie.

And several new robots are ridiculously lacking in balance, you can see thousands complaining about the final boss just like me, hundreds of youtube videos showing you how to get through it by cheesing it with toxic element, but [email protected] you if you didnt have any going into it.

I fkn love sony and their 1st party, loved the 1st game to pieces, even got the platinum. But this one just did not feel as good to me at all. It's certainly bigger, and many things are better, but not the polish, not for me

GoodGuy0989d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Horizen has generic characters, gameplay, open world, and story that are all forgettable. Visuals are really all what these games have going for them. It's a game similar to the typical Ubisoft formula so... doesn't surprise me nobody talks about these games a week after release.

The current RPG AC and Farcry games sell a ton but nobody talks about and forgets about them as well. Number of sales doesn't automatically mean it's a good game lol, look at minecraft and mario kart 8. Open world appeals to the masses and sells. Many don't even complete these games, forbidden west has around a 10% compared to memorable more linear games like GOW and LOU2's beautiful 50-60% completion rate.

Go ahead and give me the downvotes.

ApocalypseShadow89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It's because Sony has so many things to talk about. One minute it's Ratchet and Clank or Spider-Man, next it's Horizon, then it's GT7, then it's GOW and now it's PS VR 2 that wowing the industry.

No game is talked about 365 days a year. PS VR 2 will continue to be talked about, then Sony's summer and fall games will be talked about.

So, all of Sony's games that sell 10-20 million or more, don't mean they're good games. Lol. Who are you kidding. Horizon has made a name for itself just like Killzone did. But even more so for Guerrilla Games.

EvertonFC89d ago

Coming from someone who's probably never played it.

Crows9089d ago

Except horizon was released over a year ago...and yet here's an article on it. Go figure.

Outside_ofthe_Box89d ago

You've obviously never played the game lol

If it was as generic as what you are saying it wouldn't score high and this article wouldn't exist.

dmonee89d ago

Not sure why so many disagree. Horizon Forbidden west is bloated just like later Ubisoft games like, Valhalla, Fenix immortals, far cry 6…..Guerilla did a good job of making an open world game for everybody snd thats no easy task. I too was overwhelmed by the shear scope of the game. I finished it indeed but left alot of the side stuff behind

P_Bomb89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I gave you a downvote for lying.

HFW has a completion rate of 29.7%….not around 10% as you stated.

“Not sure why so many disagree..”

See above.

SurgicalMenace89d ago


Exactly, with so many talking points of excellence it is very seldom that an individual remains focused on one. Where as BotW hasn't had another title as monumental since its release, hence everyone talking about its sequel constantly. Sony has the formula to do well in every genre that they release. I couldn't imagine only having one title to discuss on the PS platforms because they are the only company of the 3 that offer so many unique ways to play. They don't only innovate with their gameplay, graphics, and sound they also make their accessories complementary to the experiences that they offer. Recently, the PSVR2 has the same haptic feedback seen in the controllers. Shooting a pistol and a 12 gage are two totally different experiences which makes for a very standout showing. They know how to add to what they're already doing great.

Ninver89d ago

That's extremely disrespectful to the devs who worked tirelessly to provide a polished game through out.

Abear2189d ago

The Valor Surge allows for varied gameplay at least. Plus there’s a decent skill tree that allows different strategy paths. Characters and dialogue is all top tier too. On ps5. Not sure we played the same game.

GoodGuy0989d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Fanboyism at it's finest on N4G as expected lol. I did play the first game but have no reason to return for the sequel. Its a generic fluff fest compared to linear games like gow, uncharted and last of us.
I loved GG back in the Killzone days and their storytelling was far superior back then. The only games that do open world well I've really liked is botw and elden ring. If you're really a fan of sony or anything else, you need to criticize them guys, don't let the fanboyism blind you lol.

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SenorFartCushion89d ago

The Zero Punctuation analysis of Aloy as a character says everything

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-Foxtrot89d ago

And personally…I felt it was a little better

Great characters
Character development
Voice acting
Graphics / Visuals
A world that felt alive
Decent story
Robot dinosaurs

Zelda had some good things aswell but it was always the small little things that are usually forgotten about in other open world games but it didn’t outweigh the other things Horizon had going for it

Just sad it got overshadowed at the time

DeusFever89d ago

The Venn diagram of Switch owners and PS4 owners didn’t overlap as much as the gaming media thought it would. Elden Ring does overlap with the open world audience that likes Horizon Forbidden West, but the casual audience does not overlap with the souls audience. I’m in that casual audience and I haven’t bought Elden Ring. I might never buy it.

goldwyncq89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It's the type of game people buy because it's a pretty exclusive that shows off what the console is capable of, not because it's actually a great game. Elden Ring was pretty much the talk of the town back when it released and this game got forgotten almost immediately.

outsider162489d ago

Article says forgotten..and here it is talking about it, and we're talking about it.

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PrinceOfAnger89d ago

Zelda won the goty award over horizon and sold more.

SenorFartCushion89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It goes up against games that more media people tend to focus on. It’s not really something people can disagree with.

I’ve never played a Horizon game and that’s because of Zelda and Elden Ring.

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TheGreatGazoo3089d ago

It's not bad timing, it's just a good not great game. That's OK. Not everything has to be the best ever. It's pretty, but isn't the best use of an open world and the story is straight sci-fi cliche.

SonyStyled89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Agreed. I couldn’t get into Horizon, it seemed corny as hell. Regardless of my initial impressions I gave in and was convinced by coworkers to play it. I wasn’t left impressed.

Though I’ve had the same avatar for 10 years so that might influence my lack of appeal to the Horizon series, though I’m pretty certain I’m not the target audience for action rpgs regardless of the studio.

Edit: I’ve only played HZD and it’s not for me

antikbaka89d ago

not bad timing? Lol, they competed with Elden Ring and were forgotten

Crows9089d ago

So ummm...what about red dead redemption? Halo? Gears? Pretty much every IP that's released a year ago....what about them?

RpgSama89d ago

LOL, it's that time of the month again, the time where we see daily articles bashing anything and all things PlayStation, Horizon FW feels forgotten "only" 1 year after launch? First of all this not a live service game, there should not be an expectation for continuous updates to the content like I do not know... The forgotten Halo, second an expansion is literally coming out this year AND third if you really want to talk about the franchise, a VR full fledged game JUST came out.

The levels of stupidity I have to read on these forums is just incredible.

SenorFartCushion89d ago

Defending PlayStation is the only thing you can find in N4G comments.

Someone has been downvoted to hell because they said that the game had to patch some bugs. It did. People apparently disagree regardless.

goldwyncq89d ago

People still talk about RDR2 and often consider it as one of the greatest games ever made.

Crows9089d ago

Well... considering I haven't seen an article on red dead....yeah I don't think so. I could say the same. People still talk about forbidden West...which they do...but this article claims or makes an assumption that they don't.

rogerrus389d ago

Currently working on my 3rd play through. The game is a masterpiece.

S2Killinit89d ago

I dont know you can say that. They literallly chose it to be the spearhead of the new PSVR headset. How can you call that forgotten? Weird.

RpgSama89d ago

And do not even mention that an expansion is coming out literally this year, LOL.

Duke1989d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the newest Horizon, but outside of the jaw dropping visuals - the overall story felt flat. It’s so odd for a game with such incredible production value to leave such a little lasting impression on me personally. Idk how to describe it

josh-eh89d ago

I agree. It was such a forgettable game. I honestly don't remember one thing about the story. Yes, the visuals and new location were great (just like the first one, but a bit more refined) but we deserved a true "next-gen" Horizon game. Hopefully, either the DLC or the next full game will be the big leap we were all hoping for.

Duke1989d ago

Forgettable sounds so harsh haha, but in this instance I do agree with you. For a game I literally platinumed/put over a hundred hours in and really enjoyed exploring its world, I feel like I moved on from it really fast. (and basically forgot about it if Im honest).

Some games stick with you - this one just didn't for some reason.