It Took Me A Year, But I'm Finally Hooked on Elden Ring

BLG writes that after a year of trying to play Elden Ring based on the advice of others, we finally decide to forge our own path. From there, it all makes sense; Elden Ring is great because of its ability to let you play however you want to play it.

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jjb198184d ago

I think that's the key for this game being the masterpiece that it is; choose how you want to play.

Inverno84d ago

Twas thinking of the Soulsborne series just the other night. They're very intimidating, and confusing but confusing in the sense that you go into them with the expectation of it being just like every other game. Once it clicks however you'll get an experience unlike any game in the AAA market.

BrockEmSockEm84d ago

I'm doing a seamless co-op randomized enemies/items run right now with my brother

Dirty_Lemons84d ago

Wow, this is genuinely the first article that has nail how I felt about it. In Sekiro the guardian ape was challenging but I agree, The Owl was my first real barrier...then Isshin, for four long hours.

After Sekiro I finally went back and took down Demon's Souls. It's taken me a year to get back around to Elden Ring and just last night I had my own epiphany moment when a random player helped me take down an erdtree avatar, after wandering off the beaten path and thinking "I wonder what's over there in the mist." At this point I still feel BB is the magnum opus for From, but that's purely because everything about that game nailed it for me. Elden Ring is already a very close third, just behind Sekiro at this point.

Great article!

SurgicalMenace84d ago

Blood Borne, Sekiro, and now Wo Long for combat is second to none. If Elden's combat wasn't so outdated it would have placed higher on my personal list. They could have done so much with the different classes. I played as the samurai but the only thing that changed were the stats that they focused on. It was definitely on the easier side as well. I stopped playing after hitting 389 while walking around with over 30 million souls. After the DLC hits I'll give it another go. Best take that I've read thus far.

roadkillers84d ago

I knew nothing about this game. Literally nothing. I played Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, and BloodBorne. Never played any on release, just after the hype.

This one’s hype built so fast before release, when I got it I had no idea what I was getting into. Now I don’t even watch reviews, videos, or anything on games I know I want. RE4, Hogwarts, Final Fantasy, and others going in blind.

Dirty_Lemons83d ago

Man I still remember coming back from Australia as a 17 year old, seeing a Bioshock trailer on a flight home and thinking "ooh not heard of that, looks interesting". Best possible way to encounter a great game.

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