Xbox 360 slams Playstation 3 again?

In the March 2007 issue of Game Informer Magazine "NBA Street Homecourt" was recently reviewed. As expected the game had scored a solid 8.75. However, something unexpected was that the game looked the best on the Xbox 360 as opposed to the Playstation 3.

Quoted: "I'd give the nod to the 360 in terms of visuals, but either way this game features great texturing, character models and jaw-droppingly smooth animations."

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Boink4899d ago

5 guesses where this is going to go...

I tried the demo, I love the over the top dunks, definitely worth a rental:)

Captain Tuttle4899d ago

You think anyone will need all 5 guesses?

NextGen24Gamer4899d ago

NBA Street looks spectacular in 1080p on my TV via the downloadable demo on live. As far as it looking better than the ps3 version. That shouldn't surprise anyone. Same with FEAR and every other 3rd party game. The 360 is a beast of a machine...Who would have thought that a console that costs 200 dollars less and launched a whole year ahead of the competition would be outperforming it? WOW...When the xbox launched a year after the spanked the ps2 from day one in regards to graphics and game performance. Sony just had all the exclusives at that time in history...and MS was the new kid on the block. I have the ps3 and the 360. And there isn't one game for the ps3 that has an edge over "ANY" of the 360 games. Now, of course previews always hype up the ps3 games prior to release...saying things like "we are taking full advantage of the Cells unique abilitities...."...well no duh.... You have to use the cell...its at the core of the ps3. If you didn't use the Cell, your game wouldn't exist. ha ha ha ha ha...I always get a kick out of that repeated statement. Folks the Cell is a processor. The 360 has 3 processors....Both systems handle code entirely differently. We all know from the games released thus far which system handles game code the best. No need to argue about it anymore.

InMyOpinion4899d ago

The proof is already speaking for itself. No need to speculate anymore.

dantesparda4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Aah, showing your true colors, i love it. But i just think its also funny how at the end you say that, "Cell is a processor and the 360 has 3 processors". so does this mean that the PS3's one processor is basically as powerful as 3 processors? Ha Ha, sucker.

Also your ignorance is shining through right here. First of all the 360 does not have 3 "processors" it has 3 "cores", there is a difference, you should learn what they are! there can be all sorts of latency and bandwith differences between those two architures. And 2.) the way you put it, is to insinuate that the PS3 has one "processor" (as you put it) whereas the 360 has 3. Thats very snaky if you ask me, but then again, i think that you are just a snake. One has 3 cores and the other 8/9. (9 in total, but one shut off). The 3 core design is of a 3 general purpose desgn and the 9 core of one general purpose and 7 specialize purpose cores.

MikeGdaGod4899d ago

you like Kobe? now i KNOW you're a lame

on topic, this game is crap on any system

Watapata4899d ago

WOW...I have to say I love your tired catch phrases...but to the point, you don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about. You hide behind owning each of the next gen consoles, but you don't know anything about what happens behind either one of them. You talk about the 360 being better than the PS3 for developers and for next gen gaming and the like, but you don't realize that it can't be boiled down to those blanket statements. Each one of those has to take into to account so many different variables its ridiculous. As far as which is better for developers, that depends on the developer and their inclinations. If the developer is more C/C++ oriented, then yes, the 360 has the advantage in terms of ease of programming. However if the developer is more inclined towards assembly programming, guess what, they are at a deadlock when it comes to ease, but the PS3 has more power that can be hauled out of it. I'll give you a couple other hints, the most efficient, performance oriented, code ALWAYS comes from assembly coding, not C/C++. A compiler will never EVER beat even a decent assembly programmer. What it comes down to is they are both great machines, but oriented in different ways. Microsoft's aim is to make things as easy as possible for the software developer, while Sony's goal is to give the developer as much power to work with as possible, even if it is tougher to access. For this very reason the learning curve is significantly higher for PS3 production and that will be reflected in the games throughout its life time, however the games will improve incrementally with each year, and while yes games will also improve with the 360 over time, the level of improvement will not be as steep. As far as next gen gaming is concerned, the concept of calling one system better that the other is simply idiotic. You say that there is not one game on the PS3 that has an advantage over a single 360 game, and that comment just solidifies your status as a 360 fanboy on this site. Owning each console doesn't negate that possibility so don't even try to point that out. I own both the 360 and PS3 as well, and there are games I enjoy on each more than some games on the other. Its simply a matter of opinion, and you opinion is hardly law. Don't blindly call me a fanboy as you have in the past and accuse me of just hating Microsoft, I'm actually interviewing with them for a full-time technical position within the next couple of weeks. My allegiances are not skewed nearly as much as many people on this site, including yourself.

dantesparda4899d ago

Wow! Watapata, beautifully said, and Topgamer think he's the authority because of his cheerleading b!tch TheMart says so, thats all. But good points, but they'll all just fall on deaf ears here. We are truly wasting our time responding

Raist4898d ago

May i ask a question ?

You keep saying that PS3 sucks, it's inferior than the 360 blablabla, but then. If it's SO obvious. Why the hell did you get a PS3 ? And why do you keep it ?

I mean, what's the logic there ?

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Scrumptious4899d ago

You smmed up ehat I would say. u can't wait for DJ to chime in with his thoughts. He has so many for not owning either console!

specialguest4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

PS3 fans, don't fall for it! Don't fall for the typical movie villain trick of baiting and luring in the hero, only to lead him into a trap.