HCG Review: Legendary

HCG Writes:

"The premise of the story is that you are hired to steal Pandora's Box from a museum. In the process of doing so-the box gets opened and a slew of mythological creatures are released to reap havok on the world. Because you were the one to open the box, your hand also becomes embossed with a signet that gives you powers. When you kill an enemy you are able to absorb their power into yourself. You can use this power to either heal yourself, push enemies away or power up certain items. I was reminded of Bioshock in certain instances of using my hand".



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sak5004717d ago

WTF with no score reviews? I'm sick of em. Dont they have balls to call $hit a $hit?

GCO Gamer4717d ago

This game makes me sick. The other day I played the game and at the beginning it looks amazing and when you finally start playing it's like WTF.