Atomic Heart's Devs Apologizes For Racist Cartoon Footage Amid Several Controversies

Players spotting a racial caricature in Mundfish's alternate-history Atomic Heart have escalated their criticism of the title.

SullysCigar457d ago

IKR? Fuss over nothing, as usual. What a surprise the person complaining was taking offence on someone else's behalf - how very 2023. All this does is detract from the REAL instances of racism that actually matter and need dealing with.

This cartoon was of the time the game is set in. If anything it makes the game setting more credible, because we all know that was perfectly acceptable in those days and nobody took offence. These days it's all about white knighting and those 'affected' really don't appreciate it as much as these people think they do.

Don't like it, don't buy it - same as if you don't like the subject matter of some films or books - but for the love of God quit your whining.

sadraiden457d ago

"Taking offence on someone's behalf".

Funny, where I come from, it's called objecting to bad taste. You can be offended by racism without being the target of it.

"Very 2023"? Bruh, in 2012 people made the same statement. You're neither on the cutting edge of this discourse nor does it make you seem enlightened. In fact, it just makes you seem like you're defending racist caricatures. Not a great plan.

SullysCigar457d ago

^ @sadraiden, where I come from I'm permitted to speak my mind and you don't get to tell me I'm wrong. Racism is all too often in the eye of the beholder, open to interpretation and debate. In my opinion, things that are of a time should be accepted as a reminder of how things have changed, not swept under the carpet in an attempt to repeat history. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

I'll indulge you on this occasion; what is it about this cartoon that you think is racist exactly?

I'm not sure why you think I'm concerned about 'appearing' like anything, or how you judge me. Having said that..."Bruh"?? OMG did you just, like, assume my gender?!

HICK457d ago

At Sully, you just made my day lol

RoseSapphire457d ago


Lol, what?

You can spout whatever nonsense you want to... and everyone is more than in their right to tell you how wrong you are. What is this BS where you think you can just say anything without consequence?

CBaoth457d ago

"you can be offended by racism without being the target of it"

And I have the right to call you a snowflake.

fr0sty457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I always chuckle when people get pissed off because someone got pissed off about depictions of racism... not only is it telling, but you're whining just as much as those you accuse right now, so put that dirty finger down. Don't like it? Don't read it.

SullysCigar457d ago

^ lol okay fr0sty, but you're whining about me whining about them whining, so take a seat. You're no better than me or anyone else here. Don't like my opinion, don't read it.

Nobody has explained what the problem is yet. Just sitting back, casting their aspersions.

gerbintosh457d ago (Edited 457d ago )


It is usually the people that have slave owning ancestors that overcompensate and make a big deal out of everything. They don't understand that no matter what they do their family line will be forever tarnished with that sin

fr0sty457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

At least now you've admitted your hypocrisy by attempting to point out mine, so my point is made.

senorfartcushion457d ago

“Very 2023” ok dumbass. You weren’t there after 9/11 by the sounds. It was 10% worse than it is today.

We’ve just had a Smash hit Harry Potter game made after controversy. Studios don’t care. They don’t even need to apologise for things.

headshotfrosty457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Spoken like someone who has never had to deal with these types of issues directly. If you know, you know. Your privilege is showing.

Adrian_v01457d ago


Nothing wrong about this cartoon.

redrum06457d ago

You keep telling people to not read your opinion if they don't like it. How would I know if I don't like it when you tell me not to read it? Doesn't sound very smart, but it's a small thing.

You're telling that things have changed regarding racism since the early days, and of course, in a sense it has. But racism is still very much a thing up until this day, and that cartoon should be a reminder of this fact, not an opportunity to accuse people of whining about racism like you do. They have all right to bring that up, unlike you who rather hush up.
I'm glad people are conscious on this topic, and although I do enjoy Atomic Heart a lot and will keep playing it, I think it's a good thing they're reminded of the fact that they have a racist caricature in their game, and I know this, because I'm from The Netherlands and we have this awful caricature 'Zwarte Piet' who looks almost like what you see in that cartoon. White people painted with a pitch-black skin, red lip stick, golden earrings and an afro wig while serving the white 'Sinterklaas'. It's ridiculous.

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frostypants457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

People don't realize other countries have totally different standards for what constitutes "racism" (among other social standards). Americans who never travel assume the world shares our own standards then get offended when reality hits them, like in this case. I"ve seen stuff that would offend people even more than this in Germany and Italy.

DrDoomer457d ago

Welcome to the oppression olympics.

Number1TailzFan457d ago

At least you don't get treated like a criminal over it, unlike in pathetic Orwellian Britain. Police can't be bothered with trouble makers outside who take drugs, just move them on down the road.

But offend someone with petty insults online and it's arrest time, even if they insult you first.

sadraiden457d ago

The article isn't about petty insults online, it was about racist depictions of humans in a video game. Nice false equivalency though.

Number1TailzFan457d ago

@sadraiden It's still relevant, snowflakes and their hurt feelings over stupid nonsense that doesn't physically hurt them.

ABizzel1457d ago

As much as I agree that people take things too far at times when it comes to screaming everything is ,racism (this is coming from a multi-racial person myself), the reality is why would a developer, or anyone for that matter, be stupid enough to even have questionable attire in their material to begin with.

Why even allow the controversy to happen by putting what looks to be some Native-American Blackface hybrid in your game, unless you're purposely looking for any form of attention positive/negative, you're just unknowingly ignorant, or deep down someone thinks discrimination or racial defamation are forms of comedy in which case they might be racist.

staticall457d ago

What?! «Native-American Blackface»? There's nothing american about this, it's about native african people.

In this particular case, it's a papuan (native from Papua New Guinea) and some of them actually look like that (feathers, bright colors and even coloring their lips and around them red - google it). Episode takes place in a history museumm, that's why you see historic weapons (catapults, crossbows, javelins, shields, etc) there and papuan shoots at centurion with javelin and parma. Artists have used history books, verbal description from soviet expedition to Africa and encyclopedias as a reference point.

Watch the episode if you don't believe me, you can search for «Ну, Погоди! 12 серия».

Adrian_v01457d ago

It might be difficult to believe but outside of the US people don't think and ponder that much about race and such things.

KeeseToast457d ago

Some of these controversies are really reaching, especially the thing with the hairstyle. "Straight up based the sex slave robots design off of Yulia Tymoshenko... The leader of the Ukrainian 'Batkivshchyna' political party" Even if so, that politician is supposedly pro-kremlin so if they really based the design on her wouldn't it be mocking one of Putins puppets? For me it just looks like a common hairstyle you would see on a soviet-era propaganda poster.

Including the racist cartoon might have been an unsensible move, but for me it seems more like including the Swastika in a Wolfenstein game. And would could they do more than apologizing and removing it?

I hate Putin and stand fully behind the Ukraine and there endeavor to stop the illegal and brutal invasion of their country, but I feel bad for the developers at Mundfish that seem to have been caught up in something they had nothing to do with. The game is pretty good as far as I played and seems like a mockery of the Soviet Union and not an admiration.
So I think we should give them a fair chance and not hold them accountable for their shitty leader.

shinoff2183457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I agree with most of what your saying keese except that if this was a mockery of soviet union no way russia let's this game release.

Personally I'm still looming forward to playing it.

sadraiden457d ago

To be fair, I wouldn't expect the Kremlin to be johnny-on-the-spot inspecting every single video game that comes out ensuring it has just enough state-sponsored propaganda. They didn't even know that their military was using 50 year old rusted AKs.

Crows90457d ago

Fake news. Nobody cares. None of these complainers and offended individuals actually play games. Get off our hobby!

Dirty_Lemons457d ago

Fantastic comment, Crow 👊