PlayStation VR2 users report controller issues

Sony's brand new PlayStation VR2 is being delivered to people's homes this week, but it's not all been plain sailing for early adopters.

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Number1TailzFan105d ago

Looks like the headset has visual issues too according to the comments on that article, unlike Quest 2.

mkis007105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

no issues here, nice little dig at the end that makes you sound reliable.

Neonridr105d ago

mura is a thing with OLED panels. You can see the sort of "grainy" texture over everything, especially in dark scenes. Nature of the beast with these things being that close to your face.

darthv72105d ago

Mkis... you know the routine. Just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it isn't happening to others.

VenomUK105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I had my PS VR2 come on launch day and it happened to me.
I spent about two hours farting around with it not realising it was busted because some of the buttons work outside of the menus. It was frustrating and got no proper help from Sony, so I sent it back today and will wait for a new unit.

* What I can say about it is the setup was joyous, with the headset on you see a digital wireframe overlay made around the room as it determines the size and obstacles - utter class!

* Passthrough /See-through mode works great, b&w image and everything is clear enough - I couldn't read the tiny text on my Pulse headphones.

* I played about 5 mins on Kayak: Mirage tutorial where I was in a Kayak in a pool, it wasn't photo realistic but it look nearish-realistic.

* I played a little bit of Rez: Infinite with just the left Sense controller. When I played a bit of this on PS4 it made my stomach drop as I started flying but it didn't on the PSVR2, so I'm hopeful that this is a sign that the improved visuals help reduce VR sickness.

Now I just have to wait for my next unit!

babadivad105d ago

Kind of why I'm not paying $600 to be a beta tester.

Pyrofire95104d ago

Quest 2 could release pure euphoria I still wouldn't give a single penny to Facebook.

Jin_Sakai105d ago

“The thread suggests the issues with the controller are software related“

Should be fixed soon then.

Bathyj105d ago

My only issue has been sticking my hand in the ceiling fan shooting at Glinthawks

AmUnRa105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Hahaha thats hilarious...

darthv72105d ago

I assume the fan isnt on cause its still winter(ish) but come summer... watch out.

Tacoboto105d ago

Fan could be on in reverse mode, which I always forget to flip back for the first month of the desert heat...

Bathyj105d ago

Summer in Australia and yes it was on. Luckily missed the controller and only got my knuckles.

I decided to play anything involving shooting birds sitting down after that.

darkrider105d ago

Almost broke the light on ceiling because of that

IRetrouk105d ago

Not had an issue yet, hope those effected get them fixed or replaced though.

REDGUM105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Fixed or replaced? As in fixing the ceiling fans that Bathyj is having issues with? :)

MrNinosan105d ago

It's no hardware issue, so nothing to replace.
Patches however will come, as always with modern tech and games.

IRetrouk105d ago

We don't know what the issue is, some of peoples issues seem to be software, but not all, like I said, I hope all those having problems either get it fixed or replaced.

ocelot07105d ago

So far only 2 minor issues I have noticed with my controller. My left one seems to be picky witch usb port I use to charge it. Charge it from the wall it's fine. Charge it from the console and it won't charge.

My only other grip is getting the things on your hands when you have the headset on. Even when using the camera view to see what I'm doing. I still seem to struggle to actually place them in my hands correctly.

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