Founder and studio head Shinji Mikami to leave Tango Gameworks

Tango Gameworks' founder and CEO, Shinji Mikami, is set to leave the studio after more than 12 years with the developer.

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Mr Pumblechook374d ago

That's disappointing that he's left as he is a genuine talent. When big companies buy out studios the staff are often offered golden handcuffs money to stay on for a set period of time so there isn't an immediate mass people drain (Sony did this when buying Bungie). He must've met the terms of his contract to leave of serving a minimum period of time and delivering a completed game.

Tango Gameworks was founded by Mikami, it was his baby, what could've made him leave it?

IRetrouk374d ago

I'm not sure, but maybe he wanted to go indie again?

DarXyde374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

It's sudden and I do wish him all the best. He's made some timeless classics. I think IRetrouk might be onto something. I don't want to feed speculation that he didn't like the work culture as a part of Microsoft Game Studios, but perhaps he just wants to do his own thing. It's really hard not to think the acquisition had something to do with it though: Tango was his baby....

I would really love to see him over at Bokeh, but doing his own thing is fine too.

Bathyj374d ago

Well in all honesty if I picked 10 games publishers I would like to work for, Microsoft would not make that list.


What happened is that he's 57 and likely wants to retire. I wish him the best as he accomplished everything he wanted to in the gaming space.

He left the studio in great hands with John Johanes (director of Hi-Fi Rush and Evil Within 2).

I remember when Toshihiro Nagoshi left RGG and there was a lot of "fake outrage". Meanwhile, Yakuza 7 was the most successful game in the franchise and Nagoshi didn't write or direct that game.

DarXyde374d ago

The wild thing about that:

If you want creative freedom, definitely not Microsoft.

If you want job security... Also not Microsoft.

They certainly have the best ability to maintain talent, but as the richest, they're certainly more American and more cutthroat.

Sonic1881374d ago

"If you want creative freedom, definitely not Microsoft.

If you want job security... Also not Microsoft."

I have to agree with you on that

-Foxtrot374d ago

Kind of thought he’d have done Evil Within 3 as his final game

Godmars290373d ago

By all rights that, given recourses, they should be able to make games on a consistent basis.

There's certainly little evidence of that.

Obscure_Observer373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


"If you want creative freedom, definitely not Microsoft."

I´ve been seen plenty of more creative freedom on Xbox since those new studios were acquired/created than I´ve been seen on Playstation 5.

Bleeding Edge

Also, those who wants to do sequels and upgrade their franchises from Indie and AA to full AAA, is getting their projects greenlit and granted with support and resources to do so as Ninja Theory with Hellblade 2 and Undead Labs with State of Decay 3. It´s also known that InXile is currently working on an ambitious new IP, AAA action RPG as Compulsion Games with Project Midnight.

So if you know for a FACT that Sony is allowing more freedom for it´s developers and doing better than Xbox is doing in this current generation, bring the facts as I did.

"If you want job security... Also not Microsoft."


"They certainly have the best ability to maintain talent, but as the richest, they're certainly more American and more cutthroat."

Is that right?




Lifexline373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

He said in an interview a while ago that he wanted to retire soon that he had one more big game and two smaller games before he did so. Maybe he finally decided to retire just Google it for the interview.

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Elda374d ago

Guessing he couldn't deal with working for the recent owners that are MS/XB.

Orchard374d ago

He sure waited a while, no? 3 years is the longest resignation window ever.

IRetrouk374d ago

Maybe he was paid a retainer fee? Like what sony did with bungies staff?

derek374d ago

@Orchard, he waited till his contract was up. Why would a talented creator like Shinji want to work for a bloated, creatively bankrupt company like Microsoft longterm. I suspect we will see more of this.

Elda374d ago

May have been that his contract is now up & didn't want any longer to work for the company that it's now owned by MS/XB. I wouldn't be surprised if more of this will be happening within Bethesda.

ziggyzinfirion373d ago

Orchard, 3 years isn't long to be honest, he probably wanted to finish both Hi-Fi Rush until release and his contract. He does not seem interested in continuing his career under Microsoft.

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blackblades374d ago

People said the same thing on gematsu

porkChop374d ago

I mean if you look at his resume he moves around. 16 years at Capcom on different teams, 3 years at Platinum, and now 12 years at Tango Gameworks. Maybe he just wants to do something else? It's better than Ken Levine firing over 80% of Irrational and rebranding just because he wanted to work on smaller projects.

Yui_Suzumiya374d ago

Plus Ken hasn't produced anything since BioShock Infinite

Class_Viceroy373d ago

3 companies in 30 years. Yeah he’s really on the move there whooooooa

porkChop373d ago


Do you have any knowledge showing otherwise? I mean back in 2020 he was already thinking about retiring, but he wanted to direct one more game before doing so.

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Sonic1881374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

That confirms Evil Within franchise won't be the same without him

porkChop374d ago

There's no guarantee TEW 3 would have ever been the same. Ghostwire started development as TEW 3 and changed direction so much they had to turn it into a different game. That's an indication that they aren't interested in making a sequel like the first two.

Obscure_Observer374d ago

I´m assuming that you don´t even know what you´re talking about.

The original was the first and the last The Evil Within game direct by him.

The Evil Within 2 was directed by Hi-Fi Rush´s director, John Johanas.

It´s sad to see him leave, but Evil Within franchise will be on good/competent hands.

Sonic1881374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Evil Within 2 actually did worse in sales old man 😂
I doubt we'll hear anything about a third entry anytime soon. The first game sold 4+ million copies. The second one sold almost four times less.

The first game was aimed at a niche audience. I think a lot of the casual players got burned by the somewhat rocky launch of the original. Also, both Kidman dlcs were essential to understand the story and not many players bought them, I can see why the sequel received less attention. I think that's why Tango decided to make it more "mainstream" both in gameplay, story and presentation. Shame it didn't meet the expectations. Without Shinji Mikami the franchise will get worse and won't be the same rather you like it or not.

Obscure_Observer374d ago (Edited 374d ago )


"Evil Within 2 actually did worse in sales and reviews old man"

Lol. And I say you´re full of sh!t. XD


"I doubt we'll hear anything about a third entry anytime soon."

We already hear it, genius.


"The first game sold 4+ million copies. The second one sold almost four times less."

Bring the source

"Without Shinji Mikami the franchise will get worse"

I doubt that. With all of Microsoft´s resources at their disposal, John Johanas and Tango Team will have everything they need to deliver a high quality AAA horror game.

Sonic1881374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Lol, the games were in the 70 😂😂 it was mediocre at best and the sales were awful for the second game. If there is a third game the sales will be even worse since it will be on game pass 😂 Look up the source yourself for the sales. The second game did way worse😂



shinoff2183373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


I found this


Says about 1.05 million sold for evil within 2

I enjoyed it and would love a 3rd one myself.