Thrilling New Worlds | PS VR2 Games

Your PlayStation VR2 adventures start today! Check out some of the biggest games releasing in the launch window and coming in 2023.

SullysCigar100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Got confirmation of shipping at 16:30, received PSVR2 next morning at 08:30!

Great to finally see a sizzle reel from Sony - better late than never...

Oh - and it's amazing btw!

REDGUM100d ago

No shortage of games in this video reel . Impressive Sony, a well supported piece of equipment by the looks of it.

PureBlood100d ago

There are so many games. I saw someone did their own compilation video showing 114 PSVR2 games in 6.5 minutes!

There's 150-odd now!

Thundercat77100d ago

Is amazing that PSVR 2 has better games support and launch window than other regular consoles.