New PS1 Classics Can Be Bought Off the PS Store

Pushsquare: "PS Plus Premium has today brought back a PS1 Classic in The Legend of Dragoon (as well as Wild Arms 2 and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature), but you do not need to subscribe to the top tier of Sony's service to play any of them. The three games are up for standard purchase on the PS Store, meaning you can circumvent a membership and buy them like any other PS5, PS4 title."

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myfathersbastard98d ago

Just a heads up, a bunch of Dragoon magic attacks are busted and break the game.
Roses astral drain, dark dimension
Darts explosion
There’s probably more but these are the ones confirmed so far. So far only dragoon magic attacks seem to break the game so just be cautious when using them.
If this happens, press options/start on the controller and there’s a rewind feature, rewind to before you chose that move. Don’t save in the quick save menu if this happens or it can brick the game for good requiring a new game start. Use the in game normal save function.

VersusDMC99d ago

Cool that they kept the same pricing as before for PS1 classics. 5.99 and 9.99.

MrNinosan99d ago

And for us who already bought it on the PS3, it's "free". 👍

CobraKai99d ago

Sweet. I bought Dragoon on PS3. I’ve been wanting to play it again but the console is in storage

CobraKai98d ago

Yesssss! Just downloaded it. Now if only PS1 MGS and Silent Hill 1 were downloadable

FinalFantasyFanatic99d ago

Sweet, I hope they continue this trend, it sucks when it's locked to the higher tier subscriptions that I have no intention of purchasing.

JEECE99d ago

So just remember, all of you who have been chirping about Legend of Dragoon for years now, Sony is going to have numbers on how many people either purchased this game or downloaded it through a subscription. So they'll know if you were all talk or not, and they'll definitely factor that in when considering what other classic games to put out.

jznrpg99d ago

Yes you are right to buy it right now mofo’s . I am buying it not using the sub even though I have it already

Lexreborn298d ago

Well I’ve already bought it so I can’t buy it again

JEECE98d ago

Okay well download it and play it for trophies then. They'll have numbers on how many people actually get the trophies. If only like 800 people platinum this game, the takeaway they get from that is going to be that not that many people actually care about these classics, even the ones that are hyped up on the Internet.

shinoff218398d ago

I hope it exceeds their expectations, so they see some of us still want those old school jrpg type of games not just all the new action rpgs all the time

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