Marvel's Avengers Creative Director Apologizes for the Whole Thing

The creative director of Marvel's Avengers has apologised for the game, citing a difficult development process.

"It was a challenging production, let's say," creative director Cezar Virtosu told Edge Magazine in its latest issue. The superhero smash-'em-up, which is scheduled to have dev support cut this year, is known to have hit its fair share of snags after profits fell short of recouping development costs following disappointing sales. Despite its competent solo campaign mode, the game suffered for its murky identity and glutted loot-based systems, and ultimately failed to impress.

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Apology not accepted; next time, pursue fun feedback loops and creative set pieces instead of pure monetizing.

We know you need to make your money back. But, if the game just sucks at the end of the day, then you never ever will recoup dev costs.

So, next time make sure a freakin Avengers game is actually fun long-term, not just a passable package at best that floats by on character recognition…

Yi-Long99d ago

Gamers were pretty clear ever since the game was first announced and shown, that this wasn’t going to be the kind of Avengers game they wanted. The suits and devs decided to ignore all the feedback and shove it through anyway. Which is a shame, because I feel there was a lot of potential there with the license and devs, if they had simply put all that focus and effort into an amazing SP game, without all the ‘service’ and loot nonsense.

Wasn’t a fan of the character design either btw.

mkis00799d ago

I'm glad the more games like this fail outright. Make the higher ups second guess the idea of easy money.

jbull99d ago

Eh no how about go fuck yourself, Avengers ip is shit hot with endless comics to inspire a great game yet they somehow royally fucked it up. What's their excuse for poor rogues gallery, crap boss battle and fighting the same robot's over and over again not to mention having Ms Marvel in the game, a hero nobody asked for.

Tacoboto99d ago

This title and description is misleading - he was not the creative director of the game, but was a creative director at one of the support studios of the game, as it states in the article now.

(It seems one of the sources originally claimed he was *the* Creative Director but that was Shaun Escayg, who left back to Naughty Dog in 2021)