Will the PSVR2 Be Worth It?

The PlayStation VR2 isn't without its drawbacks. But, man, that technology...

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Neonridr102d ago

will it be worth it? I guess we won't know until the end of its lifecycle. Everyone is different, so everyone has different expectations. Personally, I know I'm going to get some great use out of it as I have been a big supporter of VR going back all the way to the original Rift. Wednesday can't come soon enough.

Mr_cheese102d ago

I'm sure we can mention drawbacks on every product ever created, you just have to way up cost vs function and ultimately, if its for you then amazing.

VR is still early in its days as a medium and both Oculus and PSVR are standout players looking to keep pushing it further, granted, in different ways

generic-user-name102d ago

PSVR1 and RE7 was worth it. PSVR2 is definitely worth it. Reviewers haven't even gotten RE8 and GT7 VR updates in their hands yet.