Atomic Heart Review - IGN

Atomic Heart is a highly imaginative, atompunk-inspired attempt at picking up where the likes of BioShock left off that makes missteps but definitely has the ticker to punch well above its weight.

solideagle460d ago

8/10 IGN
4/10 Twinfinite

whom to believe lol

PureBlood460d ago

Neither are trustworthy in my view!

hotnickles460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I would trust the opinion of any user here before any of these websites’ numeric values lol.

Any attempt to recreate the days of bioshock gets a buy from me. If they come up short that’s okay, most games come up short compared to bioshock.

Burrito26a460d ago

@hotnickles Any user here?

PureBlood460d ago

^ lol any except THAT one of which we shall not speak, surely!

Moegooner460d ago

Check old review scores of games you played and see which site you agree more with. IGN reviews are a joke imo. Always have been.

Crows90460d ago

It's important to distinguish reviewers within these sites

crazyCoconuts460d ago

Metacritic in the 7's so far
I'm very impressed it's done that well actually.
I suspected it was going to be in the 6's from the early gameplay I saw

Jin_Sakai460d ago

It’s mid 70s on Metacritic so it’s an average game I’d say.

shinoff2183460d ago

Even if it ended up being a 6 or 7. Still good imo.

vTuro24460d ago

Watch gameplay, watch some reviews, hear what players have to say and form your own opinion.

shinoff2183460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I used to roll with ign, was on the forums and everything. Then I found n4g. Ign don't seem to same for awhile now.

Not saying their review is wrong or bad. Just more the site itself

gleepot460d ago

reviews seem pretty polarizing, im definitely intrigued though

antikbaka460d ago

it's steam released game - wanna know real rating? check users reviews there (87% reviews are positive)

Eidolon460d ago

Leaning more towards IGN's score. 4/10 is ridiculous.

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Elda460d ago

I'll be trying this game out on GP.

Elda460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

The best way to sample multi-plat games. One reviewer from Game Rant states that the game is riddled with bugs & issues on the XBSX the same console I'll be trying this out on. If the game seems fun but is hampered by these issues I'll have no problem buying a copy for my PS5.

Obscure_Observer460d ago

"If the game seems fun but is hampered by these issues I'll have no problem buying a copy for my PS5"

Lol. Whatever you say, miss. I told you, you´re the type of person that bites the hand that feeds you. The ungrateful and hypocritical type. So no surprises here. XD

Elda460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

"Bites the hand that feeds you" What is this BS you are talking about?? LMAO!! The feeling is mutual. You're the delusional fanboy that can't take the fact that the very platform you praise aren't getting the praise that the competition is, including me stating the obvious about the platform you worship.

shinoff2183460d ago (Edited 460d ago )


Same boat. If I like I'll eventually buy the physical on ps5. I just prefer physical. Did that with edge of eternity to

Flawlessmic460d ago

I'll be playing it on gp and won't be buying it for either my xsx or ps5 lol regardless of if I love it or not.

Defeats the purpose of me buying an xbox just go to then buy games that are already available to me

Elda460d ago

Different strokes for different folks. To each their own.

badz149460d ago

seriously, why are some of you guys mad at him for trying it on GP? they put it on the service, and it's only right for him to play it at its fullest and not even think about buying it...just as MS and the publisher/dev intended!

warriorcase460d ago

Let be real, N4G has some real hardcore fanboy losers on here that downvote anything to do with a console they don't own. Play however you want to play I say. Should be about the games first and foremost

Eidolon460d ago

I'm enjoying the game so far, from GP on PC, I don't see how consoles can have worse performance and more bugs. Haven't spotted any bugs besides what I see on even hugely successful AAA games(with 2+ years of patches).

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Yui_Suzumiya460d ago

This, Dead Space and Starfield are the only reasons I'm considering getting into current gen gaming and getting a Series X.